ZK – Amelie Oops !

A very special and sexy dress, one of the new releases from ZK, you can find in the mainstore. This outfit has different styles to wear and comes in 22 colours. Only for Maitreya.


Dress: Amelie Oops ! – ZK





ZK & Posed

For the OXXXCuro event, ZK released this cute and lovely Anyta playsuit for us women. A sexy playsuit with lace parts in different colors.

In the mainstore of Posed, you will find this bento pose called Body balance.


Outfit: Anyta playsuit – ZK @ OXXXCuro

(after this event in the mainstore)

Pose: Body Balance – Posed




ZK @ Cosmopolitan

An adorable new release from ZK, this outfit called Paulina. This outfit comes with a dress with special lace parts and a bow around the waist and also (not in this pic), some special boots to come with the dress, als with lace parts. You will find this special outfit at the new round of Cosmopolitan that will open the 15th of July.


Oufit (dress + boots): Paulina – ZK @ Cosmopolitan (after the event available in the mainstore)



ZK @ Vanity

A really lovely new release from ZK, this complete outfit called Sensual Romance. This outfit comes with the cute shorts, lingerie and laced shoes (shoes not on the pic, but really cute).


Outfit: Sensual Romance – ZK @ Vanity

(after the event you will find this outfit in the mainstore)



ZK & Truth

A really lovely new release, this complete outfit from ZK for the new round of TLC. The outfit has a jacket, top and skirt in beautiful colors.

The hair is the newest creation from Truth, an awesome updo, available in the mainstore.


Outfit: Dominique – ZK @ TLC      ( after the event it’s in the mainstore )

Hair: Elixir – Truth





“Gone to the beach…”

The newest release from ZK is this very special detailed bikini called Giselle, specially for the new round of the Kinky event. This event will start on the 28th of June.

The hair is a creation of Mina Hair you will find at the Flourish Sales Studio. A great event with all cheap items from a lot of creators on the grid.

I am totally in love with this prop/pose made by Luane Meo, owner of LW Poses. You will find this prop/pose (incl. the towel) at the Summerfest event.


Outfit: Giselle – ZK @ Kinky           (after the event available in the mainstore)

Hair: Karen – Mina Hair @ Flourish Sales Studio

Prop/pose: Gone to the beach – LW Poses @ Summerfest