For the new round of the Comsopolitan event Luane Meo, owner of the poseshop LW Poses, created some great “under water” poses for us. 5 bento poses incl. mirrored ones for making great pics. The set comes with 12! background textures, animated water, bubbles, kelp, sunrays, sand and startfish and also bubbles coming out of your mouth.

The pic I made today, is without all the items, but I will also make one with the background and items. But Le Monde Perdu has an awesome under water wold that I wanted to show you. Really worth a visit.

Pose (incl. backgrounds and accessory’s): Under water – LW Poses @ Cosmopolitan


Floaty fun

Hazeel created this really fun pose for us, a single bento pose incl. the floaty and the cocktail. Perfect for enjoying the water and the beach and have a drink.

You can find the pose in the mainstore, take a look around there for so many more single and couple poses.

The hair is the newest release from Stealthic, called Surge. A long curly hair with beautiful colours. This release can be found at the Level event.

Floaty fun – Hazeel

Hair: Surge – Stealthic @ Level

"Floaty fun......"

Tranquility water garden tub

Kopfkino is back with a beautiful new release, this weekend for the 60L Happy Weekend. This tub with heron sprinkler is available in 5 different colours: rust, red, white, copper and turquoise. The lotus flowers are with a colour change in white, blue, yellow and pink and the water is with sound and animated.

Only this weekend for 60L, after the weekend for the normal price in the mainstore.

Tranquility water garden tub: Kopfkino (for 60L Happy Weekend)

"Tranquility water garden tub...."


This is the newest release from Mina Hair, this hair calledRACHEL for the Uber event. RACHEL is an interactive hair, it reacts to SL water and to the included aquasense HUD.

Hair: Rachel – Mina Hair @ Uber


“Scooter jet ski”

Summer, the season where we wanna go to the beach, enjoying the sun and having a good time. That will absolutely be with this new release from Serenity Style, the scooter jet ski. This jet ski can be used at decoration or to drive. It has 4 colour options, when you touch it. A great item to have fun with your friends.

Scooter jet ski: Serenity Style @ Uber

"Summerfun with my furry friend..."


A great summeritem, this new release from Chez Moi for the Summerfest event. This Super Float with a colourmenu is available in different colours with a huge amount of single and couple poses and animations.

Super Float – Chez Moi @ Summerfest

Enjoying the summer

“Enjoying the summer”, the title of the new groupsgift from PosEd, available in the mainstore. The pose comes with the inflatable ring, with different colours/texture bt clicking. Become a member of the group and get this great prop/pose.


Pose: Enjoying the summer – PosEd