Sunny patio

The beautiful City garden wall is the newest release from GOOSe for the Cosmopolitan event. The wall has different parts; stone, wood and wood with stone to create a great surrounding. The accessories are partly from Thor, like the coloured cushions, terra plants, lantarn and mugs, from the gacha you will find at the AnthemContinue reading “Sunny patio”

Serenity Style

Serenity Style is participating in 2 great events. The Vintage garage gacha is a great set with awesome items, specially for 6° Republic. The Glasbury garden wall, you see at the right site of the pic, has some great parts to make a complete wall with glass windows in it, available at the new roundContinue reading “Serenity Style”

GOOSE @ Cosmopolitan

For the running round of the Cosmopolitan event, GOOSE created this Garden stone wall build set for us. A mixed set with clean and dirty walls and also the lamps are included. A great new release for decorate your land/sim or the garden.   Furniture: Garden stone wall build set – GOOSE @ Cosmopolitan