Vintage style

Knick Knacks created a beautiful vintage set for us to decorate your home/house. This Verdun set has some great vintage items: chair, table, wall deco, frames, dried poppies and rug.

I combined this set with some other beautiful items from Nutmeg.

Verdun set: Knick Knacks


"Vintage style...."

Serenity Style

Serenity Style is participating in 2 great events. The Vintage garage gacha is a great set with awesome items, specially for 6° Republic.

The Glasbury garden wall, you see at the right site of the pic, has some great parts to make a complete wall with glass windows in it, available at the new round of TLC.

(the bakery on the right of the garage is an older release from Serenity Style)


Vintage Garage gacha – Serenity Style @ 6° Republic

Glasbury garden wall – Serenity Style @ TLC




A great new gacha from Serenity Style, this vintage box car, specially for the new round of the A+ event. 6 commons and 1 ultra rare for driving or decoration.

(the greenhouse and accessory’s are from Thor).


Vintage box car: Serenity Style @ A+ event