For the new round of the Uber event, DaD created this awesome recycled rescue boat. A great peace of furniture to decorate your beach. This boat comes in a PG and Adult version with many single and couple poses. It’s incuding the canopy and lifesafe ring.

The plants/bushes around this boat it another new release from DaD. These tropical palm scrubs are great to decorate your land or sim to make it a tropical view. There’s a hud in the folder where you can change the colours of the shrubs.

Recycled rescue boat: DaD @ Uber

Tropical palm scrubs: DaD mainstore


Tres Blah & No Match & LW Poses

Another beautiful release from Tres Blah, this cute and lovely dress called Tiered. A summerdress with a colourhud to change the skirt and the top part.

The hair is one of the newest releases from No Match, called No Company and is available at the Uber event.

The pose with wineglass is a creation from LW Poses.

Dress: Tiered – Tres Blah

Hair: No Company – No Match @ Uber

Pose: Dreamy afternoon – LW Poses

"Dreamy afternoon....."

Painted daybed

For the new round of the Uber event, DaD created this beautiful painted daybed for us. A great set of furniture, the daybed and a small table for decoration your land/sim. The daybed has a lot of single poses for male and female and also couple animations.

In the folder there’s also a colourhud to change the the pillows, towels, blanket, mattress and bamboo.

Painted wicker daybed – DaD @ Uber

More great creations from DaD can be found in the mainstore

"Painted wicker daybed...."

Tulips, THE flower of Holland

I am a proud dutchie and Holland is famous because of the tulips. In the Keukenhof, a beautiful event in Holland, you can see all kind of tulips in all shapes and colours.

LW Poses created a beautiful new set of poses with white tulips for us. This set comes in 4 different poses incl. mirrored ones and also in the set the ground tulips patch. You can copy them as much as you like. You can buy this set at the Très Chic event.

The cute and lovely summerdress is a release from Tres Blah, available in different colours/textures.

The white sand rock on the background is the newest creation from Serenity Style. A set of different sizes and models of rocks to decorate your land/sim. There are also 2 off sim rocks in the package. These rocks can be found at the new round of the Uber event.

Tulips: LW Poses @ Très Chic

Dress: Alder – Tres Blah

White sand rocks: Serenity Style @ Uber

"Tulips from Holland....."


For the new round of the Uber event, Mina Hair created this awesome hair with special hairbase for us. A rocking half shaved hairstyle for that special look. Mina has included matching shaved hairbases, there are hairbases only suitable for Lelutka Evox and some old Myla hairbases (do try a demo) for other heads.

The pose incl. the cigarette is from B(u)Y ME Poses and can be found in the mainstore. It’s a set of different poses.

Hair with shaved hairbase: Avril – Mina Hair @ Uber

Smoking girl – B(u)Y ME Poses

"Rocking girl...."

Stealthic & Serenity Style

For the new round of Kustom9, Stealthic created this awesome long ponytail hair with or without bangs. Also included a stylinghud to change the hair in 4 different styles.

The Serenade hot air balloon is the newest release from Serenity Style, available at the new round of Uber event. The vintage balloon comes in 3 different colours, is flyable and made for 2 persons with single and couple animations. When you touch it, there’s a realistic flame.

Hair: Lehtal – Stealtic @ Kustom9

Serenade hot air balloon: Serenty Style @ Uber

"A sunny day......"

Coffee to go…..

A great new release from Serenity Style for the coming round of the Uber event (starts the 25th of March). This “coffee to go” caravan comes with the coffeemachine and the coffeecups.

The outfit I’m wearing is a lovely release from Tres Blah. A cute skirt and sweater with knot, both available in different colours/textures. A prefect outfit to make a combination.

Coffee to go: Serenity Style @ Uber

Skirt: Myla – Tres Blah

Sweater: Bedford – Tres Blah

"Coffee to go...."

Blooming garden

Today I show you 2 new releases from Serenity Style. The rural privacy fence, a set that comes with all different parts to create your own fance, is available at the Uber event.

The blooming garden set with so many lovely details can be found at the new round of the Arcade.

2 Sets to decorate your land/sim, to make it your home.

Rural private fance: Serenity Style @ Uber

Blooming garden set: Serenity Style @ The Arcade

"Blooming garden...."