Garden window

For the new round of the Très Chic event, LW Poses created another beautiful set of poses incl. the stone window wall, flowers, trees and groundcover. A great set (also mirrored poses) for making beautiful pics.

Poseset: Garden window – LW Poses @ Très Chic

"Garden window...."

Beach life

For the running round of the Tres Chic event, LW Poses created this single bento pose for us. A great summerpose incl. the sunglasses and summerbag. This poses comes also in a mirrored version.

The bikini with open shirt is a release from Addams, called Tiara, the hair is still one of my favorite hairs with sunhat from Mina, called Carian.

Pose with sunglasses and summerbag: Beach Life – LW Poses @ Tres Chic

Hair with sunhat: Carian – Mina Hair

Bikini with open shirt – Tiara – Addams

"Beach life....."


In the summer we love to spend time with our loved ones under the sun with a good lunch/diner.  With this wrought patio set from Chez Moi you can spend your beautiful summertime outside.

The chair comes with:
♥ 28 adult animations (including, reading a newspaper, drinking, eating and chatting)
♥ 4 animations for toddlers
♥ Automatic Rezzing Props – attaches when an animation is chosen
The wall foliage is the newest release from Hisa. With touching the foliage you can choose different colours of the flowers/leaves.

The beautiful patio is from Serenity Style and can be found at the mainstore.


Wrought iron patio set – Chez Moi @ Très Chic

Patio: Dolca Vita – Serenity Style

Wall foliage – HISA @ Fameshed


Blog2165ChezMoiWroughtaptiosetSerenitySerenity StyleLa Dolce VIta Patio

Thor & Pseudo & LW Poses

For this round of Kustom9, Thor created this really awesome gacha for us. This set called Amalfi has the cabana and the Lemonade Prep Board as the RARE items, but also the other items are great for decoration.

At the Epiphany event you will find the Lush Robe Lara White (RARE) and a headtowel, from Pseudo, also a great gacha.

For the new round of the Très Chic event, LW Poses created some really lovely poses for us.


Gacha Amalfi – THOR @ Kustom9

Bathrobe/headtowel: Lush – Pseudo @ Epiphany

Pose: Fix it to break it – LW Poses @ Très Chic