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Chez Moi & GOOSE & TLC

For the coming round of the Illuminate event (starting the 18th of April), Chez Moi created this really awesome patio and couch. This couch is for 1-5 people and it comes with 120 animations in PG version and 180 animations in Adult version. There is also a colorhud to change the color of the wood, the cushions and the pillows.

A new creation from GOOSE you can find in the mainstore is this Cobblestone park pathway. This set had different sizes and options (T-path, curve, straight), so that you can make a complete pathway.

For the new round of BLOOM, TLC created the “forever my dove” set. In this pic only the doves, but the set also comes with a fountain and a wall with windows,


Patio U couch – Chez Moi @ Illuminate

Cobble stone path – GOOSE

Doves: Forever my dove – |T|L|C| @ Bloom





Proud to be the new blogger of T|L|C|, the creator of so many awesome and beautiful animated animals.

Today I show you the beautiful swans and egret. Both available at the mainstore.


Swans & egret – T|L|C|