Lonely Christmas

A lonely Christmas, the title of 1 of the new releases from PosEd you can find at the Pose Fair Winter holiday. The pose comes with the chair with presents. But..a lonely Christmas surrounded by some lovely details from Serenity Style to decorate your home, available at the TLC event.   Prop/pose: Lonely Christmas –Continue reading “Lonely Christmas”

Serenity Style

Serenity Style created 2 beautiful new sets for us to decorate our land/sim. The Darian daybed can be found at the Belle event and the Lex Autumn Outdoor set is available at the TLC event.   Darian daybed – Belle event Lex Autumn outdoor set – The Liaison Collaborative      

ZK @ The Liaison Collaborative

Such a beautiful and lovely new release from ZK, this outfit called Leandra. Shorts, bra and top in different colors, available at the TLC event. The event already opened and will close the doors at the 26th of august. After that you can find this outfit in de mainstore.   Outfit: Leandra – ZK @Continue reading “ZK @ The Liaison Collaborative”

Romantic diner for two….

A great new gacha from Serenity Style, this set called “Moonlight Romance”. A great gacha to surprise the one you love with a special and romantic diner for two and beautiful on your land. You can find this set at the new round of The Liaison Collaborative, that will start the 3rd of August.  Continue reading “Romantic diner for two….”

The world is yours….

A really beautiful new release from Serenity Style, this outdoor set called “The World is yours”. This set comes with a great caravan (RARE) and so many other lovely items to decorate your land/sim. You will find this set at the running round of TLC.   Furniture: The World is yours – Serenity Style @Continue reading “The world is yours….”

Serenity Style @ The Liaison Collaborative

A great new winter release from Serenity Style, this postoffice of Santa Claus with a lot of different and nice items. Great for decorating the land/sim and making pics.   Furniture: winter garden gacha – Serenity Style @ TLC