Serenity Style @ Uber

For the new round of the Uber event, Serenity Style created this awesome backdrop called Le Boulangerie Facade. The other buildings right and left from this bakery backdrop are an older release from Serenity Style, perfect to make a street of buildings and shops. Le Boulangerie Facade: Serenity Styl @ Uber El Patio building: SerenityContinue reading “Serenity Style @ Uber”

Beach Shop

For the summeredition of Madpea Deco(c)rate edition, Serenity Style created this really awesome beachset for us. The cabin, the box with beachballs, the liferings, the sign and the umbrella’s are part of this set. The chair, table, clothingrack and frame are from an older release.   Beach Shop set: Serenity Style for Madpea  

Serenity Style for Pocket Gacha

No more lag at events, no more waiting untill you can land at a gacha event.Find out the new hype of SL, the Pocket Gacha. You can take a free hud and play gacha wherever you want. One of the participants of this great Pocket Gacha is Serenity Style. This time with an awesome “JanireContinue reading “Serenity Style for Pocket Gacha”