“The only one….”

LW Poses is participating in the new round of the Cosmopolitan event with some beautiful single bento poses. One of them is this one called “the only one”. Ofcourse the pic doesn’t have to be naughty.

Pose: The only one – LW Poses @ Cosmopolitan


For the new round of Uber event, Giz Seorn created this lovely bodysuit for us women. A partly laced bodysuit in different colours.

The newest release from [ Kunst ] are these Emma signet rings, also available at the great Uber event. A hud to change all parts of the rings is included.

Bodysuit: Csilla bodysuit – Giz Seorn @ Uber

Emma signet rings – [ Kunst ] @ Uber


Sensuality, the name of the newest release from PosEd, available in the mainstore. This single bento pose comes with the chair, but you can also use your own chair or bed for this pose.

Pose: Sensuality – PosEd


A beautiful feminime outfit, this release from Giz Seorn, called Easton. Available in different colours/textures and can be found in the mainstore.

Outfit skirt and top: Easton – Giz Seorn


I am totally in love with the lingerie set from Giz Steorn. This beautiful and feminime set is available in different colours and can be found at the mainstore.

Lingerie: Lenore – Giz Seorn


Elvi is the newest release from Consent, available at the Belle event. This babydoll comes in 8 different colours and a fatpack. With this babydoll there’s a hud to change the top of the babydoll in lace or silk.


Babydoll: Elvi – Consent @ Belle



Consent @Equal10

A really lovely new release from Consent, this lingerie set called Aella. You can choose of 8 single colours or a fatpack. There’s a hud in the folder that let you choose between silk or lace. Every part can be changed.


Lingerie set: Aella – Consent @ Equal10



Meva @ Anthem

A beautiful new release from Meva, this bodysuit called Sookie. This bodysuit, available in different colours/textures can be found at the new round of the Anthem event.


Bodysuit: Sookie – Meva @ Anthem



A beautiful sunny morning

What would be more nice than waking up, see that the sun is shining and enjoying the view. A perfect day for a swim, but first a coffee.

Today I show you this outfit from Mutresse, really love this set. The Karina swimsuit and and tunic can be found at the Collabor 88 event. Wat really makes me happy is, that this outfit comes with a colourhud to change the swimsuit and the tunic. No single colours to buy, so you can change every day in another colour.

The pose with mug is from Diversion, called Coffee to Go and is available at the mainstore.


Outfit: Karina swimsuit & tunic – Mutresse @ Collabor 88

Pose: Coffee to go – Diversion


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