Flourish Sales Studio – part 1

Flourish Sales Studio opened the doors again with amazing “sale” items. You can find here older releases from creators, but also new ones, Max. price LS 99. The bench is from Space Oddities and has some lovely poses in it.   Cozy bench – Space Oddities @ Flourish  

Flourish Sales Studio – part 1

The Flourish Sales Studio has a new round with amazing items between L$70-99L$. Older releases and new releases from the best creators from the grid. The prop/pose with the cats is 1 of a complete set. The bra, available in many colors/textures is from Entice.   Prop/pose: BOB – Fashiowl Bra: We are young –Continue reading “Flourish Sales Studio – part 1”

“Gone to the beach…”

The newest release from ZK is this very special detailed bikini called Giselle, specially for the new round of the Kinky event. This event will start on the 28th of June. The hair is a creation of Mina Hair you will find at the Flourish Sales Studio. A great event with all cheap items fromContinue reading ““Gone to the beach…””

Stop wondering…..

Today another blog for the great event Flourish Sale Studio. The chair is a great item of DAD. This chair has awesome poses. The cute short dress is from Cynfull and the hair is from KMH.   Chair: Spring flavor rocking chair Dress: Zipporah – Cynfull Hair: F109 – KMH   Taxi to Flourish eventContinue reading “Stop wondering…..”

Where there’s only silence and the sound of the waves

Flourish is a bi-monthly discount sales event where all items will be priced between 70-99L. With  items like clothes, hair, shoes, furniture, prefabs, animals, backdrops, accessories, jewelry, piercings, home & garden, tattoos, poses, skins and eyes there is always something for someone! . One of the creators participating in this new event is Provoke MeContinue reading “Where there’s only silence and the sound of the waves”