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Chez Moi @ Limit 8

Exclusive for the Limit 8 event, Chez Moi created this rusty swing lift full of single and couple poses. Available in Adult and PG version and the wood has a color option. Great to rezz on your sim for unforgetable moments.


Furniture: Rusty swing lift – Chez Moi @ Limit 8


Blog2184ChezMoiRusty Swing Lift Limit8


Chez Moi @ Cosmopolitan

A beautiful new release for decorating your land, this Hay Pile Farm specially for the new round of Cosmopolitan. This set comes with single and couple poses/animations and is available in PG and Adult version. There’s also a colorhud to change the texture/color of the plaid.


Furniture: Hay Pile Farm – Chez Moi @ Cosmopolitan


Blog2160ChezMoiHay Pile Farm Cosmo

Chez Moi @ Limit8

A great new release from Chez Moi, this double Adirondack char, made for the new round of Limit8. Available in different woodcolors and as we are used from Chez Moi, with an enormous variety of poses and animations, single and couple. Also with a hud for coloring the pillows.

Including this set is also the windshield, but only 100 copy’s of that one.


Furniture: Double Adirondeck char – Chez Moi @Limit8



Chez Moi @ Cosmopolitan

A awesome new release from Chez Moi, this Outdoor bed called Nanai, specially made for the new round of Cosmopolitan.

This outdoor bed comes with 72 animations in the PG version and 130 in the Adult version. Amazing poses/animations for singles, friends and lovers.

Including this set is also a lovely potted lily of the valley (copy)


Furniture: Outdoor bed Nanai – Chez Moi @ Cosmopolitan



No.Match & SAM Poses

For the Ultra event, No.Match created this unisex hair called No.Level. This hair comes in 2 different options, with a hat or with a fedora, both for women and men.

SAM Poses is participating in this round of the Avenue event with some really lovely couple poses.


Hair: No.Level – No.Match @ Ultra

Carry me – SAM Poses @ Avenue