Hello gorgeous

A beautiful pose with parrot, this new release from Posed called “hello gorgeous”.

Posed was invited to join a hunt, called One More Light. 100% of all L$ donated is "un-taxed" by Linden Labs and goes to the charity Relay for Life.(American Cancer Society) The hunt starts April 16 at noon SLT and ends 18 April at 6 SLT. If people want to support the hunt, they need to join a special group, called One More Light at the Splash Falls Waterpark sim. 
You need to pay to join this group. The fee for joining the group are the LS that you donate to this important cause. After you paid, you get the notecard for the hunt and then you can pick up all the gifts for free.

Pose with parrot: Hello gorgeous - Posed for One More light hunt


It’s spring time…

Today it’s the first day of the spring season. The season where all the trees, flowers and plants are starting to grow again, sunlight, butterflies, bees…..I so love this season.

PosEd made a a beautiful gift for her members, this pose including the daisy’s and the daisy in the mouth. So take a TP to the new store and grab this beautiful gift. And when you are not a member yet, it’s time to become one now.

The beautiful hair with little flowers in it, is one of the newest releases from No.Match for the Bloom event.

Pose: It’s spring time – Posed

Hair: No_Blossom – No.Match @ Bloom

Spring cleaning break…..

Another really lovely bento couple pose from Posed, this pose called “spring cleaning break”. I hate cleaning, so it would be the perfect break for me. You will find this pose incl. the accessory’s at the Pose Fair, together with other lovely single and couple poses from PosEd.

Pose: Spring cleaning break – PosEd @ Pose Fair

Feeling Vulnerable

The Pose Fair opend the doors again for a new round filled with single and couple poses from the posestores. One of the participants is PosEd, a poseshop from my dear dutch friend Quistis. She made some realy beautiful and touching single and couple poses for us.

Pose: Feeling Vulnerable – PosEd @ Pose Fair

Bird lover

So lovely, this new release from PosEd, you can find in the new mainstore. This pose comes with the table with candle, chair and bird.

The beautiful blue nails are the newest release from Cazimi. You will find this set with other colours at the new round of the Vanity event, that will open the doors the 4th of March.

Pose/prop: Bird lover – PosEd

Mesh nails: Elegant – Cazimi @ Vanity