Poppy & No.Match & LW Poses

For the new round of Uber, Poppy created this lovely short dress called Tali. Available in different colors. No.Match made this beautiful female hair with daisy’s called No.Difference. You will find this hair at Whimsical. And another event, the XXX Event. For this event LW Poses created the “sexy back” pose.   Outfit: Tali –Continue reading “Poppy & No.Match & LW Poses”

Poppy & LW poses

For the Thereafter event, Poppy created this lovely short dress with suspenders and metal parts, called Alana. This dress is for the meshbody and available in different colors. LW Poses has made 7 single female poses for the XXX Event. One of them is this one, called “The last of her kind”.   Dress: AlanaContinue reading “Poppy & LW poses”

Poppy @ Uber/Q Poses @ Lost & Found

A cute short summerdress, this new release from Poppy, specially for the coming round of Uber. This dress is available in 8 nice summercolors with a flowerprint on the bottom. The new round of the Uber event starts the 25th of July. For the event Lost & Found, QPoses created some really nice single posesContinue reading “Poppy @ Uber/Q Poses @ Lost & Found”

Poppy & EMO-tions

A really cute and lovely new release from Poppy, this outfit called Alicia. This set comes in 8 different colors and has some nice details. For the new round of TLC, Mirja Mills (owner of EMO-tions) made this awesome hair with butterflies. You can choose of wearing the hair with or without all butterflies.  Continue reading “Poppy & EMO-tions”

Poppy & No.Match

For the new round of Chapter 4, Poppy created this cute and lovely short summerdress. This dress is available as a set of 2 colors for the price of 1. Another great new release from No.match at the Hair Fair, this cute halve updo hair called No.Intention.   Dress: Kismet – Poppy @ Chapter 4Continue reading “Poppy & No.Match”

Poppy & No.Match

Another beautiful new release from Poppy, this vintage styled bikini in different colors. You will find this bikini at the new round of TLC, starting today. For the Vintage Fair, No.Match created this 50’s style of hair called No.Secret.   Outfit/bikini: Gidge – Poppy @ TLC Hair: No.Secret – No.Match @ Vintage Fair