Garden window

For the new round of the Très Chic event, LW Poses created another beautiful set of poses incl. the stone window wall, flowers, trees and groundcover. A great set (also mirrored poses) for making beautiful pics.

Poseset: Garden window – LW Poses @ Très Chic

"Garden window...."

Never stop chasing your dream

For the new round of the Access event, Stealthic created this mid-length curly hair with halve up ponytail for us women. A beautiful new release available in many awesome colours

Hair: Honey – Stealthic @ Access

More beautiful releases can be found in the mainstore, really worth a visit.

"Follow that dream....."


For the new round of the Comsopolitan event Luane Meo, owner of the poseshop LW Poses, created some great “under water” poses for us. 5 bento poses incl. mirrored ones for making great pics. The set comes with 12! background textures, animated water, bubbles, kelp, sunrays, sand and startfish and also bubbles coming out of your mouth.

The pic I made today, is without all the items, but I will also make one with the background and items. But Le Monde Perdu has an awesome under water wold that I wanted to show you. Really worth a visit.

Pose (incl. backgrounds and accessory’s): Under water – LW Poses @ Cosmopolitan


Enjoying holiday

My last holiday week and then back to work again. The weather in RL is as beautiful as at the summersims on SL, sun, sea and bikini time.

I love this bikini from Mossu, with the little stones on the top.

The hair is another beautiful release from one of my favorite hair stores, Stealthic.

Bikini: Ethereal – Mossu

Hair: Willow – Stealthic

"Enjoying summerholiday...."

I found you…

Last weekend Secret Poses had a great set of bento couple poses @ TheHappy Weekend sale. A beautiful set of 4 lovely poses for you and your partner/best friend. Also included the barrier.

Pose: I found you – Secret Poses

"I found you...."

The beauty of nature

Today I took my camera to make some pics of the animals that live in the woods. There are a lot of great sims for that, this one is taken at the Whimberley sim.

The pose with camera is the newest release from Hazeel. A set of 4 single poses incl. the camera and pose hud.

Pose: Picture time – Hazeel for the Slept on Sales event

"The beauty of nature....."


When I’m bored on SL, I always practise on doing a headshot. I have some friends who have great skills of making headshots. Mine always looks the same, so I added a hairpiece. I found a great store with all kinds of headpieces, to make your headshots just a bit “more”.

The eyes are the Chimaera eyes from IKON. Since the day I discovered this store, I’m always wearing his eyes. They are looking so beautiful and real and available in so many colours.

Since a couple oof months I finally changed myself into BOM. I’m always very slow in changing, but Lelutka got me with the EVO X head.

Head: EVO X – Lelutka

Hairpiece: Violeta – Tentacio

Eyes: Chimaera – IKON


Near the ocean

Another beautiful sunny day in RL, enjoying my holiday at the fullest. Also on SL, there are many beautiful beaches, to enjoy the summer there too.

Today I show you some new releases from my blogshops and others.

Tres Blah created a new lovely blouse for us, the Bookworm. A beautiful blouse in different colours/textures that can be found at the new round of Fameshed.

The skirt is a release from Fashionnatic, still one of my favorite jeans skirts.

The hair with hat is one of the new releases from Wasabi, called Lemongrass and can be found at the mainstore.

At least the pose that I’m using: it’s 1 of a set from B(u)Y ME, called Senorita. I use this set a lot for my blogposts.

Blouse: Bookworm – Tres Blah @ Fameshed

Skirt: Melia – Fashionnatic

Hair with hat: Lemongrass – Wasabi

Pose: Senorita – B(uY) ME

"Near the ocean....."


Another beautiful sunny day in RL, so today I will go to the beach and enjoy there. But before I go, let me post this beachblog.

The beautiful bikini I’m wearing, is a release from Addams. This bikini, called Caroline, comes in many colours and perfect for a day at the beach.

The pose is 1 of a set of 5 poses incl. mirrored ones, made by one of my favorite poseshops LW Poses.

Bikini: Caroline – Addams

Pose: Sentiments – LW Poses

"Life is like the ocean. It can be calm and still, rough or rigid. But in the end, it's always beautiful....."