|T|L|C| for MadPea Pet Friends Fair

A really beautiful new release from |T|L|C|, this companion dog for the Madpea Pet Friends Fair. This creator made 2 dogs for us, the Pointer and the Weimaraner, both with 4 options for the colour/texture of the dog and 9 options for the collar colours. The event will open the 30th of June


Pointer/Weimaraner companion dog – |T|L|C| for MadPea Pet Friends Fair



Pet lovers fair

Another new event, specially for pet lovers, the MadPae pet friends fair. Serenity Style created this dogs lover collection for us, great for spoiling your dogs with a lot of different things. The event will start tomorros, the 30th of June.


Dog lovers collection – Serenity Style @ MadPae pet friends fair