Chimaera eyes

The newest release from IKON, these stunning eyes called Chimaera. These eyes comes in a lot of beautiful realistic colours, always a colour that you love.

Chimaera eyes: IKON

"Sometimes the eyes can say more than words...."


At the 3rd of December the event Manly Arena opens the doors. One of the participants of this event is B(u)Y ME Poses with a set of male poses with the motorbike. 5 Great poses for photographers/bloggers.

Biker: B(u)Y ME @ Manly Arena


[ Kunst ] & Space Cadet

For this new round of the popular Uber event [ Kunst ] created this really beautiful watch for us. This watch is for men and women and comes with a colourhud to change all parts of the watch.

The bento pose incl. the drawing book and pencil is 1 of a lovely set of poses, made by Space Cadet.

Watch: Articus – [ Kunst ] @ Uber

Pose: Journalin’: Space Cadet

"Drawing art...."

[ Kunst ] & Emozione

A really awesome new release from [ Kunst ] for the new round of the Anthem event, these Adrian bracelets. These bracelets for men and women comes with a colourhud to change all parts of the bracelet.

The couple pose is one of the beautiful poses my dear friend Niani made. Sadly she passed away almost 1 year ago, but I love to use her beautiful poses.

Bracelets: Adrian – [ Kunst ] @ Anthem

Couple pose: Touched Soul – Emozione


Kenji, the name of the new release from MEVA for this round of Neo Japan. This outfit with boots and armlegs is available in a male and female version in different colours.

Outfit: Kenji – MEVA @ Neo Japan