Today a blogpic with purple/pink colours. The lovely outfit of a skirt with top is a release from Tres Blah and available in different colours/textures. The hair is one of my favorites from Mina Hair, called Adeline. B(u)Y ME Poses created a new set of single bento poses with mirrored ones for the Posevent, called Stands 6.

Outfit: Ivy – Tres Blah

Hair: Adeline – Mina Hair

Pose: Stands 6 – B(u)Y ME @ Posevent


Natural beauty

“Natural beauty”, the name of one of the newest releases from Hazeel Poses. This pose is a temporary free gift in the mainstore and comes incl. the tree stump.

Pose/prop: Natural beauty – Hazeel

"If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere...."

Chimaera eyes

The newest release from IKON, these stunning eyes called Chimaera. These eyes comes in a lot of beautiful realistic colours, always a colour that you love.

Chimaera eyes: IKON

"Sometimes the eyes can say more than words...."


For the new round of the Uber event, DaD created this awesome recycled rescue boat. A great peace of furniture to decorate your beach. This boat comes in a PG and Adult version with many single and couple poses. It’s incuding the canopy and lifesafe ring.

The plants/bushes around this boat it another new release from DaD. These tropical palm scrubs are great to decorate your land or sim to make it a tropical view. There’s a hud in the folder where you can change the colours of the shrubs.

Recycled rescue boat: DaD @ Uber

Tropical palm scrubs: DaD mainstore


My eyes

IKON released a new serie of amazing beautiful eyes for us, the Ascension redux eyes. Gorgeous eyes that almost look real, available in many colours.

Eyes: Ascension redux eyes – IKON

People asked me about the colour, this is the “oak”

"We try to hide our feelings, but we forgot that our eyes speak....."

Love spring

Another pic with the beautiful “spring feeling” set from B(u)Y ME Poses. A great set of poses incl. mirrored ones with flowers to give you the perfect springfeeling.

Pose: Spring feeling – B(u)Y ME

"Love spring...."

Vase collection

This beautiful Chartreuse vase collection is a release from Soul2Soul.

Three vases and a tealight holder combine to bring a retro collection with a modern twist. An earthenware vase, ribbed glass vase, old wooden vase encasing a glass vase and glass tealight with flickering flame.

A great set to decorate your home!

Chartreuse vase collection: Soul2Soul

"Vase collection...."


3 huge hay bales, one of the newest releases from Knick Knacks. Discounted for group members until tomorrow. A great item to decorate your land/sim to feel the country life.

Bales: Knick Knacks

"Country life...."