Country Poolhouse

A really awesome new release from DaD, this country poolhouse for this round of the Fameshed event. A beautiful house with a covered walkway to go to the smaller building where you can find a sauna. When it’s too warm for the sauna, you can go swim in your own swimmingpool.

The house has two versions to enjoy with all the same features, the adult version includes animations for family as well as the adult animations and the pg version includes family animations. The animations are for the pool and sauna. Menu with both areas is available with the same starting point for animations.

Grab the taxi below to buy this beautiful house and enjoy all the things with your friends.

The wooden garden lamps are the newest release from GOOSE, that can be found at the Cosmopolitan event. The lamps are in a full pack of 8 different sizes, great to lighten your home/land.

The beautiful magnolias are one of my favorite flowertrees and is a release from Konoha.

Country Poolhouse: DaD @ Fameshedmainstore

Garden lamps: GOOSE @ Cosmoplitanmainstore

Magnolia: Konoha

"Country poolhouse...."

Paradise on the water

I am totally in love with this release from Scarlet Creative. Who doesn’t wanna live on the water in a beautiful houseboat like this? It’s not too big and has a huge livingroom where you can also place a kitchen and upstairs an bedroom. All around there are windows, so that you can enjoy the water from all sides.

And in the evening you can sit on the little patio with your friends or lover.

House: Austin boathouse – Scarlet Creative

"Paradise on the water..."


Another awesome release from Scarlet Creative, this beachhouse called Hanna. A great house with different rooms and fireplaces. You have a perfect view from all sides by the windows.

The small porch is perfect for enjoying outside on the comfy sunlougers with sun umbrella from Chez Moi. The set comes with a colourhud to change the colours/textures of the sunloungers.

House: Hanna – Scarlet Creative

Sunlougers: Mirabel – Chez Moi


The Provence

A really awesome new release from Soul2Soul for the Cosmopolitan event, this gorgeous house with pergola called Provence. A unique house in french/italian style with 3 rooms downstairs, 1 upstairs with open gazebo with outdoor fireplace with shutters.

The swan bird planters on the foreground is one of the newest creations from DaD with a colourhud to change into different colours. Perfect for putting plants in or just as a statue in your garden. You will find these Swan Bird Planters at the new round of the Anthem event.

House with separate pergola: Provence – Soul2Soul @ Cosmopolitan

“Les memoires” Swan bird planters: DaD @ Anthem

Other items are from Apple Fall, Serenity Style and |T|L|C|


Catskill lodge

Today I show you one of the beautiful creations of Scarlet Creative. this awesome Catskill lodge is perfect for your land, a lovely house with several rooms and veranda. The interior (except the hanging chair and the plants inside) are also in this set, when you buy the complete package.

House: Catskill Lodge – Scarlet Creative

"Catskill lodge...."

Home sweet home

HISA made this Hus Pa Landet house in a winterversion now. A beautiful house with a lot of rooms and a nice veranda. Available at the mainstore. The bushes and plants with snow is another new release from HISA for the Fameshed event.

House: Hus Pa Landet – HISA

Snowy bushes & plants: HISA @ Fameshed

Wanderlust cottage

Today the great Tannenbaum event opened for a new round full of awesome items. One of the participants for this event is HISA with this really lovely and beautiful cottage. There’s also a non-snow version, so you can choose for the season.

Wanderlust cottage: HISA @ Tannenbaum

Hacienda la Veleta

I am totally in WOW with this new release from HISA for the new round of Anthem. This new release is a completely restored 16th century hacienda with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, diningroom, kitchen and livingroom. A really beautiful house to decorate your sim/land.

Also on this event HISA made all kinds of climbing vines to decorate the walls.

Anthem will open the doors for the new round the 3rd of August, but you can see this beautiful building already on theHISA sim.


House: Hacienda La Veleta – HISA @ Anthem

Climbing vines – HISA @ Anthem






A beautiful new release from Hisa, this house called Huse På Landet. This house has a front porch, a bedroom with outdoor  balcony, a livingroom, a bathroom and a bedroom. A beautiful house to live in on your sim/land.


House: Huse På Landet – HISA


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