Autumn breeze…

PosEd is back with some great single and couple poses for us. You wil find the newest releases at the new round of La Vie en Pose. Today I show you the pose ”autumn breeze” that comes incl. the tree and with 2 version (flat feet and high feet). Pose Autumn Breeze – PosEd @Continue reading “Autumn breeze…”

“I just came for the food…”

I am totally in love with the props/poses PosEd makes for us. Always making me laugh to see the outcome with all the details/accessory’s. For the new round of La Vie en Pose PosEd created this funny one called “I just came for the food”. There’s an indoor- and outdoor version (with a bench). Prop/pose:Continue reading ““I just came for the food…””

When stress takes over…

The title of one of the new props/poses from PosEd for this round of the La Vie en Pose event. I so love to make scenes with these funny poses and Posed made more of this kind of poses. This pose is inculding the desk,all the stuff on the desk and the yellow notes.  Continue reading “When stress takes over…”

On the beach….

For the new round of Wanderlust, the 11th and 12th of July, Serenity Style created this Fisherman Outhouse for us. A nice little cabin with washing line, old wheel and bucket. The bento couple pose is another great creation from PosEd for the La Vie en Pose event, that has opened the doors for aContinue reading “On the beach….”