“Life takes you down many paths, but my favorite one leads to the beach….”

With these hot summer days, it’s perfect to spend your time at the beach. Well, even when it’s colder, even with autumn, the beach is my perfect place to be.

So today another pic made at the beautiful beach Amrum, wearing the newest release from Stealthic. Long waved hair to wear at any occassion, with amazing colours to choose.

Hair: Retreat – Stealthic @ Kustom9

"Life takes you down many paths, but my favorite one leads to the beach...."

Yellow, the colour of spring

Today I show you 3 new releases of some of my favorite shops I blog for.

For the Kustom9 event, Stealthic created another beautiful release for us women. Long lush straight hair. A simple, but beautiful hair.

The top is from one of my favorite clothes designers, Tres Blah. A cute short top with lace parts called Lola. this top is available in many different colours/textures.

The pose is one of a set, the newest creation of B(u)Y ME Poses. This set contains 5 different bento poses (incl. mirrored ones) for making great (blog-)pics. You can buy this awesome set at the Sense event.

Hair: Rift – Stealthic @ Kustom9

Top: Lola – Tres Blah

Pose: Selfconfident – B(u)Y ME @ Sense

"Yellow, the colour of spring...."

Spring feeling

When I think of spring, I think of the beautiful flowers that come out, the warmer days and being outside. A day out in this beautiful outfit from Tres Blah, this skirt and top. The skirt and the top with really lovely details are available in the mainstore.

For the new round of the Kustom9 event, Stealthic created this awesome hair called Rewind. This hair comes with a stylinghud with different options and so many beautiful colours.

The pose with the bouquet and baf of tulips is a release from Amitie and can be found in the mainstore.

Split skirt: Tres Blah

Ruched top: Tres Blah

Hair: Rewind – Stealthic @ Kustom9

Pose with tulips: Spring tulips – Amitie

"Spring feeling......"

One of those nights…

At the Kustom9 event you will find this really beautiful outfit from V.C.lab, called One of those nights. this outfit is available in 12 different colours/textures.

Outfit: One of those nights – V.C.Lab

"One of those nights..."

Capturing nature

For the new round of the Kustom9 event, Kopfkino created a really awesome videocamera for us. This release comes in 2 parts, a wearable one in 3 colours > silver, white and pink and 1 for decoration with a memory box in the colours silver/brown, white/bleu and pink/blush.

All items can be purchased individually or as a fatpack (wearable fatpack and decor fatpack)

Hi8 – Kopfkino @ Kustom9

"Capturing nature...."

Express yourself

Express yourself, the title of a beautiful close up poseset from LW Poses. This set is available in the mainstore.

The hair is the newest release from Stealthic, called Darling.This hair comes with the great free stylinghud we are used of Stealthic.

The special and lovely earrings are the newest creations of [ Kunst ] for the Kustom9 event, also with a colourhud.

Pose: Express yourself – LW Poses

Hair: Darling – Stealthic @ Kustom9

Earrings: Katalina – [ Kunst ] @ Kustom9

"Express yourself...."

[ Kunst ] & Doux & IKON

Another beautiful new release from [ Kunst ], these Pill earrings for the new round of Kustom9 event. Available in different colours.

The hair is a lovely release from Doux, to be found at the mainstore.

And the really gorgeous eyes, still my favorite, are from IKON.

"The soul usually knows what to do to heal itself. The challenge is to silence the mind..."

Stealthic & B(u)Y Me

I am so proud and honored to be a new blogger for my favorite hairstore Stealthic. The owner of Stealthic makes the most natural looking hairstyles for men and women, including a stylehud (without extra costs).

For the running Kustom9 event, Stealthic created this long hair with braids, called Realness.

The pose including the chair is 1 of a great set of poses from B(u)Y Me poses for the Beauty event, that will start the 21th of September.

Hair: Realness – Stealthic @ Kustom9

Pose/prop: Provoke – B(u)Y Me @ Beauty event

"Happiness is when you feel good about yourself without feeling the need for anyone else's approval...."