[ Kunst ] & Stealthic & B(u)Y ME

At the Uber event you will find the Laural belly chains from [ Kunst ], including a colourhud to change all parts of the chains.

The really beautiful hair is from Stealthic, called Lavish. A long halve curly hair with a stylinghud (all free, it’s inculding the folder) to wear the hair in 4 different options.

The pose is one of a new bento set from B(u)Y ME, 5 different standing poses for your blogs/photography.

Belly chains: Laural – [ Kunst ] @ Uber

Hair: Lavish – Stealthic

Pose: 1 of a set of 5 standing bento poses – B(u)Y ME

"Real beauty is to be true to yourself. That's what makes you feel good..."

No.Match & [ Kunst ]

In 3 days the new round of Fameshed X opens the doors again. One of the participants of this great event is No.Match with the cute curly hair with special detail/accessory. There’s a colourhud to change the accessory into different colours.

For the new round of the Anthen event, [ Kunst ] created this beautiful jewely set for us. For me it can be unisex and the set comes with the moon and the cross variant and a colourhud.

Hair: No Slave – No.Match @ Fameshed X

Jewelryset: Kendra – [ Kunst ] @ Anthem

"Everything in your life is a reflection of a choice you have made. If you want a different result, make a different choice..."


Genesis, the name of the newest release from [ Kunst ] for this round of the Anthem event. the necklace and earrings comes with a colourhud to change all parts of the set.

Necklace & earrings: Genesis – [ Kunst ] @ Anthem

"The one who falls and gets up, is so much stronger than the one who never falls...."


Meadow, the name of the beautiful bracelets, one of the newest releases from [ Kunst }. You will find this bracelets with colourhud at the running round of the Fameshed event.

Bracelets: Meadow – [ Kunst ] @ Fameshed

"When the mind wanders...."

[ Kunst ] & Space Cadet

For this new round of the popular Uber event [ Kunst ] created this really beautiful watch for us. This watch is for men and women and comes with a colourhud to change all parts of the watch.

The bento pose incl. the drawing book and pencil is 1 of a lovely set of poses, made by Space Cadet.

Watch: Articus – [ Kunst ] @ Uber

Pose: Journalin’: Space Cadet

"Drawing art...."

[ Kunst ] @ Access

A beautiful new release from [ Kunst ], these necklace and bracelets for the Access event. The jelwery comes with a colourhud to change all parts of the items.

Necklace and bracelets: Gabriella – [ Kunst ] @ Access

Pilot’s watch

A great new release from [ Kunst ] this Pilot’s watch with colourhud for the running round of the TMD event. A lovely watch for men and women.

Pilot’s watch – [ Kunst ] @ TMD