Kitchen island

For The Sales Room weekend, Soul2Soul created this Artisan Kitchen Island, that perfectly fitts with the Artisan kitchen, an earlier release from this shop. The kitchen island comes with wine bottles and kitchen stool (hud for 3 different colours of the wood).

Artisan kitchen island – Soul2Soul @ The Sales Room

"Kitchen island...."

My lovely Island

I am totally in love with this fatpack from LW Poses/Méli-Mélo, to be found at the Très Chic event. This fatpack contains the complete island with palmtrees, towel, sand, rocks, seagrass, starfish and seashells. The towel and palmtree with towel has some great poses.

The Natural Mystic pose, I blogged before, is also part of this awesome set.

My lovely island – LW Poses/Méli-Mélo @ Très Chic