Relaxing summer

A relaxing summer for me is enjoying the warm weather, have fun with friends and go to the beach. This set of poses from LW poses is perfect for my summermood. A set of 4 different poses with surfboard, incl. a hud to change the colour of the surfboard.

The hair is one of the newest releases from Mina Hair. This interactive hair is water sensitive. If it gets in contact with SL default water it will turn wet, drip and will also dry in the sun again. You can instant dry it by wearing the HUD

Pose: Relaxing summer – LW Poses @ Très Chic

Hair: Doris – Mina Hair @ Summerfest

"Relaxing summer....."

Chez Moi @ Cosmopolitan

For this round of the Cosmopolitan event, Chez Moi created this lovely beach set for us. The chair comes with 28 single animations (14 male and 14 female), 44 poses for couples and 60 sex poses.

For a more realistic experience, touch the Drink Bucket to get a drink – it dispenses ‘wearable’ and temp attach prop. No inventory clutter for you or your guests ❤

There’s also a colourhud to change the colour of the wood and the cushions.

La Playa beach set: Chez Moi @ Cosmopolitan

"Lazy sunday...."

Hot summer…..

Summer is here in Holland and we have some really lovely summerweeks here. A cooling down is great, also in SL. Mina Hair created this interactive hair for us. It reacts to water and can also be used with a hud. This really awesome hair can be found at the next round of Uber.

The pose is one of my favorite poseshops, Diversion. You could buy this set at an event last month, but can be bought at the mainstore now.

Interactive hair: Rachel – Mina Hair @ Uber

Pose: Poolside – Diversion

"Hot summer....."


Another great new release from Mina hair, this interactive hair specially for this round of the Anthem event. This hair turns wet when it comes in contact with SL default water. When you come out of the water, it takes 25 seconds to fully dry. Great for pics.


Hair: Marsha – Mina Hair @ Anthem



Beach time

For the Fetish fair, Mina Hair created this dry/wet hairstyle Raven, an interactive hair that reacts on water. It dries in the sun after 30 seconds or use the blow dryer that comes with the hair.

One of the beautiful poses of Emozione, is this one called Beach time. This pose is one of a set you can find in the mainstore or on Marketplace.


Hair: Raven – Mina Hair @ Fetish Fair

Pose: Beachtime – Emozione



Mina Hair – Salt & Pepper

2 amazing new releases coming up in 2 different events.

Mina Hair created interactive hair, called Sandra. This hair reacts on water, dries of in the sun and is completely dry again after 135 seconds. Or you can use the included blow dryer, that dries the hair within 5 seconds.

This time Mina did a collab with Salt & Pepper. This shop created a great Wet T-Shirt Contest gacha for the upcoming round of the Arcade gacha event. When this WTC tank makes contact with water, it turns into a wet t-shirt.

2 Really awesome releases !!


Hair: Sandra – Mina Hair @ Fameshed

Wet T-shirt – Salt & Pepper @ The Arcade event