Wanderlust cottage

Today the great Tannenbaum event opened for a new round full of awesome items. One of the participants for this event is HISA with this really lovely and beautiful cottage. There’s also a non-snow version, so you can choose for the season.

Wanderlust cottage: HISA @ Tannenbaum


HISA releases this really awesome greek villa for us, called Phiadros. With this traditional house on your land, you will feel like you’re having a great holiday in the beautiful country Greece. You will find this great house at the new round of Fameshed, starting the 1st of September.

The Rock Tank pool and the Porto loungers are from Chez Moi, available in the mainstore.

House: Villa Phiadros – HISA @ Fameshed

Rock tank Pool & Porto Loungers: Chez Moi

“When the evening falls….”

When the evening falls, I love to sit outside, enjoying the silence and watch the fireflies.

HISA created 2 great items for the Anthem event. The flora wildflower grass and the fireflies. The fireflies come in a bottle with a menu. The menu gives the oppertunity to choose the colour of the fireflies and how many you wanna rezz.

Wildflower grass & Fireflies – HISA @ Anthem

Hacienda la Veleta

I am totally in WOW with this new release from HISA for the new round of Anthem. This new release is a completely restored 16th century hacienda with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, diningroom, kitchen and livingroom. A really beautiful house to decorate your sim/land.

Also on this event HISA made all kinds of climbing vines to decorate the walls.

Anthem will open the doors for the new round the 3rd of August, but you can see this beautiful building already on theHISA sim.


House: Hacienda La Veleta – HISA @ Anthem

Climbing vines – HISA @ Anthem






This “Sommerhus” is the latest release from HISA, for the new round of Fameshed. Downstairs you will find the livingroom, the kitchen and the bathroom. Upstairs a huge bedroom, or if you need more, split it in 2 bedrooms.


House: Sommerhus – HISA @ Fameshed




In the summer we love to spend time with our loved ones under the sun with a good lunch/diner.  With this wrought patio set from Chez Moi you can spend your beautiful summertime outside.

The chair comes with:
♥ 28 adult animations (including, reading a newspaper, drinking, eating and chatting)
♥ 4 animations for toddlers
♥ Automatic Rezzing Props – attaches when an animation is chosen
The wall foliage is the newest release from Hisa. With touching the foliage you can choose different colours of the flowers/leaves.

The beautiful patio is from Serenity Style and can be found at the mainstore.


Wrought iron patio set – Chez Moi @ Très Chic

Patio: Dolca Vita – Serenity Style

Wall foliage – HISA @ Fameshed


Blog2165ChezMoiWroughtaptiosetSerenitySerenity StyleLa Dolce VIta Patio

La petite ferne…

La Petite Ferne, the name of this awesome new release from Hisa, available at the new round of Fameshed. This old stone farmhouse has a bedroom and a bathroom at the upper floor and downstairs a livingroom and a kitchen. The vines against the walls also come with the house.

Fameshed will open again with the new round at the 1st of July.


House: La petite ferne – HISA @ Fameshed