Ultra event – part 2

Today some really awesome new releases from different creators. Bapou made this fur poof in different colors and great single and couples poses. the sexy lingerie outfit is from Hashtag, called Wynter. The long curly hair is the new release from Letiuier.   Fur poof – Bapou @ Ultra Lingerie: Wynter – Hashtag @ UltraContinue reading “Ultra event – part 2”

Ultra – Part 4

Another pic I made for the Ultra event, a creepy one this time. Hashtag made this bones dress called Liv, available in different colors. The brackground with broken pieces and blood is  from Cranked, called Spooky. The pose with skull is from Yorrick, a serie with different poses with skulls.   Dress: Liv – HashtagContinue reading “Ultra – Part 4”