A sunny sunday afternoon

A beautiful sunny sunday afternoon with the newest release from LRD, this special detailed dress called Shea. The ruffle can be changed in colour with a hud. The pose with sangria is a lovely creation of Amitie, this weekend for only 60LS. The hair is 1 of the releases from Argrace for this Hair FairContinue reading “A sunny sunday afternoon”

My illusion…..my mistake

Emozione made a really awesome new set of poses for the coming round of Cosmopolitan. One of them is this one called “my illusion…my mistake”. I am wearing one of the new releases from Mina Hair for the running round of The Hair fair, called Frankie.   Pose: My illusion…my mistake – Emozione @ CosmopolitanContinue reading “My illusion…..my mistake”

Mina Hair @ Hair Fair

Mina Hair is one of the participants of the new round of the great event Hair Fair. This hair called Annie comes with a stylehud, you can wear the hair with 2 kind of bangs and with or without the bun! There is a fitted and an unfitted version so everyone will be able toContinue reading “Mina Hair @ Hair Fair”

Poppy & No.Match

For the new round of Chapter 4, Poppy created this cute and lovely short summerdress. This dress is available as a set of 2 colors for the price of 1. Another great new release from No.match at the Hair Fair, this cute halve updo hair called No.Intention.   Dress: Kismet – Poppy @ Chapter 4Continue reading “Poppy & No.Match”