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Serenity Style @ Enchantment

“Beauty and the beast”is the theme of the new round of Enchantment. Serenity Style created some really lovely items for this event. this set Bella’s dreams comes with a beautiful fountain with poses, birds and a broken mirror.

The magic book can also be part of this serie, but you can find this item in the mainstore as a hunt item.


Furniture: Bella’s Dream – Serenity Style @ Enchantment




Chez Moi @ Whimsical & Limit 8

The first time Chez Moi participate in this event, but right away with an amazing caravan set. This set is including the caravan, bed, flowers and a lot more accessory’s.

The messy bed comes with 96 animations in PG version and 160 animations in Adult version. The bed and also the caravan has a hud to change the colors.

The hanging chair on the pic is available at Limit 8 and has a colorhud to change the colors of the wood and the pillows. But….there will be only 100 pieces of this lovely chair full of single and couple poses.


Caravan set – Chez Moi @ Whimsical

Hanging chair: Chez Moi @ Limit 8



Chez Moi @ Cosmopolitan

The farmhouse daybed, the newest release from Chez Moi. This daybed is specially made for the new round of Cosmopolitan and comes in a PG and adult version. In this bed 80 animations in PG version and 140 animations in Adult version. Also including a hud for changing the colors of the pillows.


Farmhouse daybed – Chez Moi @ Cosmopolitan



Chez Moi @ Shiny Shabby & Très Chic

Chez Moi has been busy creating some awesome new releases for Shiny Shabby and Très Chic event.

At the Shiny Shabby event  you will find this sled bed, full of poses single and couple and with a colorhud to change the colors of the sled, the blanket and the pillows.

For the Très Chic event she created the Farm Tree sign and pole lights for selling Christmas trees. Very nice for decoration your winter/Christmas sim.


Furniture: Sled bed – Chez Moi @ Shiny Shabby

Furniture: Farm Tree sign and light poles – Chez Moi @ Très Chic