Flowers and bees

“Flowers and bees”, the name of the newest release from Hazeel Poses. A beautiful set with a beehive, flowers, fence and grass incl. different single bento poses. The hair is one of the newest creations of No.Match for the new round of the Enchantment event. This rigged alpha hair is with or without the flowersContinue reading “Flowers and bees”

Spring flowers

The beautiful hair I’m wearing is the newest release from one of my favorite hairshops Mina Hair. The hair comes in different colours and there’s also a styling hud in the fatpack. For the new round of the TLC event, LW Poses created some awesome single bento poses for us. This pose comes incl. theContinue reading “Spring flowers”

It’s spring time…

Today it’s the first day of the spring season. The season where all the trees, flowers and plants are starting to grow again, sunlight, butterflies, bees…..I so love this season. PosEd made a a beautiful gift for her members, this pose including the daisy’s and the daisy in the mouth. So take a TP toContinue reading “It’s spring time…”

Oh hello spring…..

Ohw hello spring, the name of one of the newest poses from Hazeel for this round of the Pose Fair. The pose comes with the chalkboard with text. The hair is the newest release from No.Match, called No_Rhythm and can be found at the Cosmopolitan event. And the really beautiful Papaver flowers are the newestContinue reading “Oh hello spring…..”

Scandalize & LW Poses

The lovely outfit I’m wearing is one of the new releases from Scandalize. The cute detailed top and pants are available in different colours/textures. The pose with the flowers is from LW Pose and can be bought at the Très Chic event. There are more beautiful single poses/props, so see for yourself. Outfit: Ambar –Continue reading “Scandalize & LW Poses”

Fly away….

A beautiful pose from LW Poses, this pose with butterflies called Changes. You can find this pose and some really lovely others at this round of Très Chic. The flowerpants Pyper are one of the new releases from MEVA, you can buy this cute and lovely pants at Shiny Shabby.   Pose: Changes (incl. theContinue reading “Fly away….”

Flowers are happiness…..

Flowers are happiness, the title of a beautiful set of props/poses, made by Luane Meo. You will find this awesome set at the running round of Belle event. This pose comes with the basket of flowers and a single flower to wear (also in the folder, but not at the pic, a daisy for yourContinue reading “Flowers are happiness…..”