The Garden Balcony

For the first round of the POSEvent, Serenity Style created this really awesome backdrop for us. A rustic wall with balcony and plants.

The sexy and feminime gown with stole is from Giz Seorn, a beautiful dress for a lovely night out.

The hair is the newest gift from Truth and is available in the mainstore.

Backdrop: The Garden Balcony – Serenity Style @ POSEvent

Gown with stole: Elena – Giz Seorn


A beautiful feminime outfit, this release from Giz Seorn, called Easton. Available in different colours/textures and can be found in the mainstore.

Outfit skirt and top: Easton – Giz Seorn


I am totally in love with the lingerie set from Giz Steorn. This beautiful and feminime set is available in different colours and can be found at the mainstore.

Lingerie: Lenore – Giz Seorn

Consent & NaaNaa’s

Another lovely new release from Consent, this babydoll called Sylvia. This very special laced lingerie is available in different colours. Taxi to the Kinky event, where you can find this beautiful lingerie under this post.

The necklace is one of the new creations of NaaNaa’s, you can find at the Belle event. This is 1 part of the necklace, there’s also a part with a heart on it, that belongs to the same set.

Babydoll: Sylvia – Consent @ Kinky event

Necklace: Alisha – NaaNaa’s @ Belle event



Meva & Glamistry

A cute short dress with belt, this new release from Meva for the new round of Belle event. Very sexy and feminime in different colours/textures.

The high heels are from Glamistry, specially detailed with metal on the front and you can colour all the parts of the high heels.


Dress: Kaya – Meva @ Belle

High heels: PF1044 – Glamistry