When I’m bored on SL, I always practise on doing a headshot. I have some friends who have great skills of making headshots. Mine always looks the same, so I added a hairpiece. I found a great store with all kinds of headpieces, to make your headshots just a bit “more”.

The eyes are the Chimaera eyes from IKON. Since the day I discovered this store, I’m always wearing his eyes. They are looking so beautiful and real and available in so many colours.

Since a couple oof months I finally changed myself into BOM. I’m always very slow in changing, but Lelutka got me with the EVO X head.

Head: EVO X – Lelutka

Hairpiece: Violeta – Tentacio

Eyes: Chimaera – IKON


Chimaera eyes

The newest release from IKON, these stunning eyes called Chimaera. These eyes comes in a lot of beautiful realistic colours, always a colour that you love.

Chimaera eyes: IKON

"Sometimes the eyes can say more than words...."

No match & B(u)Y ME & IKON

For this round of the Fameshed event, No Match created this beautiful and sepcial detailed hair for us, called No Far. A feminime updo with bangs, so lovely.

The pose is one of a set of single bento poses from B(u)Y ME, called Portraits Set 3.

The Legend eyes are from my favorite eyeshop IKON.

Hair: No Far – No Match @ Fameshed

Pose: Portrait Set 3: B(u)Y ME Poses

Eyes: Legend – IKON

"The greatest challenge in life is discover who you are. The second greatest is being happy with what you find...."

The look in her eyes

From the moment I discovered IKON eyes, I always wear them and never change. I so love the eyes from this shop, they look so realistic.

IKON created new eyes for us, called Empyreal, available in many colours.

Eyes: Empyreal – IKON

"When there are no words, let your eyes do the talking...."

KiB & Doux & IKON

For the Weekend Sale, KiB created this cute and lovely small top for us. Only this weekend for sale, after the weekend for the normal price. The top comes with a colourhud of 30 colours !

The hair is one of the new releases from Doux, called Dani and is available at Equal10.

I am totally in love with the new Legend eyes from IKON. Beautiful eyes is so many colours and looking so realistic. You can still find them at the TMD event, after the event in the mainstore.

Top: Keziah – KiB for Weekend Sale

Hair: Dani – Doux @ Equal 10

Eyes: Legend (chocolate): IKON @ TMD

"Positive thinking is more than just a state of mind...it's the way we embrace life...."


Chiffon, the name of one of the beautiful hairstyles from Stealthic. Beautiful halve long hair with hair clips and a stylinghud to wear the hair in 4 different styles.

The eyes are one of the great releases from IKON, called Babylon. Available in the mainstore in so many different colours.

Hair: Chiffon – Stealthic

Eyes: Babylon – IKON

"A pretty face can capture your attention, but only a beautiful mind can hold it...."

[ Kunst ] & Doux & IKON

Another beautiful new release from [ Kunst ], these Pill earrings for the new round of Kustom9 event. Available in different colours.

The hair is a lovely release from Doux, to be found at the mainstore.

And the really gorgeous eyes, still my favorite, are from IKON.

"The soul usually knows what to do to heal itself. The challenge is to silence the mind..."


The newest release from IKON, this really beautiful eyes called Apex for the new round of the TMD event. These eyes comes with a hud an available in a lot if beautiful colours.

Eyes: Apex – IKON @ TMD

Cazimi & IKON & [ Kunst ]

“Beauty is how you feel inside and reflects in your eyes”. A beautiful qoute that fitts with the newest release from IKON, these eyes called Babylon. You can find these beautiful eyes in all colours in the mainstore.

I’m proud that Cazimi asked me to become her blogger. Her newest release are these beautiful nails with little stars, to be found at the Vanity event.

Since [ Kunst ] released these rings, I am wearing them every day. They became a standard part of my outfit. With a great colourhud, available in the mainstore.

Eyes: Babylon – IKON

Nails: Celeste – Cazimi @ Vanity

Rings: Everly – [ Kunst ]