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Blushes Boutique – Eyeliner Amy

Blushes Boutique released a really lovely basic eyeliner, that also comes with 4 colors of eyeshadow.


Eyeliner/eyeshadow – Amy – Blushes Boutique




No.Match & Euphoric

An awesome new release, this unisex hair from No.Match, called No.Kiss, featured hair in L`HOMME MAGAZIN.

Euphoric made this really lovely matte lipstick in an applier with different colors. This applier also comes with glitter eyeliner (not on this pic).


Hair: No.Kiss – No.Match

Make-up: Amara lipstick + glitter eyeliner – Euphoric






My favorite shop, for all women that want to look beautiful, is Euphoric.  This month Demet Coskun, owner and creator of Euphoric, made some really awesome new eyelashes, eyeliner, make-up and lipstick.


Eyeshadow + eyelashes applier – Eftandise – Euphoric

Lipstick applier – Coquette – Euphoric