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Emozione @ Cosmopolitan

Emozione released some great Bento poses for the new round of Cosmopolitan. One of them is this prop/pose called “All those moments”, that comes with the guitar.


Pose: All those moments – Emozione @ Cosmopolitan




Chez Moi @ Très Chic

At the 17th of January, Très Chic will open the doors again with a new round of amazing creators of the grid. One of the participants this round is Chez Moi wirth a lovely prop/pose called Lille Vanity Table.

This table comes with an amazing amount of poses/animations, like putting on lipstick, brushing your hair, painting nails, browsing and so much more. You can change the pillow on the chair and the steel parts of the table with a colorhud.


Furniture: Lille Vanity Table – Chez Moi @ Très Chic



Chez Moi @ Paying it forward & Deco(c)rate

A new event at the end of the year, Paying it forward. For this event Chez Moi created this cute Snowman sack for us.

For the new round of Deco(c)rate, Chez Moi made this Tree set rezzer. Click on the sign and a sled will be rezzed for hours of fun with your friends.


Snowman Sack – Chez Moi @ Paying it forward

Tree sled rezzer – Chez Moi for Deco(c)rate


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