Coffee outside

A beautiful new release from Chez Moi for this round of the Cosmopolitan event, the Quebec patio set. This set comes with 2 chairs and the table with blanket, gloves, coffee/tea set and lantern.

The hair with hat is the newest creation from No.Match, called No_Hit, for the new round of the TLC event (starting the 18th of January).

The bloodhound is available at the Epiphany event, created by Hextraordinary.

Patio set: Quebec – Chez moi @ Cosmopolitan

Hair with cap: No_Hit – No.Match @ TLC

Bloodhound buddy: Hextraordinary @ Epiphany

Musical Escape

A really gorgeous new release from Nutmeg, this gacha set called “musical escape”. A gacha full of beautiful items to decorate your home in SL. 3 RARE items and 27 commons, but you can also buy the fatpack right away.

The heater, chair, coffee, plant and diary are older releases from Nutmeg.

Musical Escape – Nutmeg @ Epiphany

Ice skating

A wonderfull winterday, time for iceskating. This pose incl. the ice skates is one of the gacha poses from Amitie for the new round of the Epiphany event.

The cozy winter coat is a release from Giz Seorn, available in the mainstore.

Pose with skates – Amitie @ Epiphany

Cozy winter coat – Giz seorn

Feeling good

At the mainstore of Giz Seorn, you will find this cute short skirt in many different colours/textures. There will always be one that fitts with the rest of your outfit. The pose with apple basket is another lovely gacha from Amitie Poses for this round of the Epiphany event.

Skirt: Harper – Giz Seorn

Pose: Apple basket – Amitie @ Epiphany

Charming Zen

I’m always in love with the beautiful decoration sets from Nutmeg. At the Epiphany event you can find this really awesome “Charming Zen” set for us. A great set to decorate your home and make it even more cosy.

Charming Zen – Nutmeg @ Epiphany

[ Kunst ]

[ Kunst ] is participating in this round of the Epiphany event with a great summer gacha. Wild mouth glasses, flipflops, anklets, toerings and necklace in different colours.


Summer Breeze gacha set: [ Kunst ] @ Epiphany


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