Flowers and bees

“Flowers and bees”, the name of the newest release from Hazeel Poses. A beautiful set with a beehive, flowers, fence and grass incl. different single bento poses. The hair is one of the newest creations of No.Match for the new round of the Enchantment event. This rigged alpha hair is with or without the flowersContinue reading “Flowers and bees”

Cottage in de woods…

For the Enchantment event, Hisa created this really beautiful and cosy cottage for us. A great house to decorate your land and live in it. The bistro set is the newest release from Chez Moi and can be found at the Coll88 event. The dreampods is from Goose, a lovely hanging bed for lovers. House:Continue reading “Cottage in de woods…”

Cynful & No.Match

For the FLF Cynful has this cute short, special detailed leather skirt for us. Available in different colours to be machted with all kind of shirts. The hair is the newest release from No.Match and can be found at the Enchantment event, that will open tomorrow.   Skirt: Riana – Cynfull for FLF Hair: No.BeautyContinue reading “Cynful & No.Match”

Valentine’s letter…..

At TLC I found this beautiful set of bento poses from LW Poses. There are different poses available and when you buy the fatpack, the sofa is also included. The dress/shirt with bra is the newest release from Asteria, available in different colours. This outfit can be found at the Access event. The hair isContinue reading “Valentine’s letter…..”

I will wait….

Today a beautiful sexy and feminime outfit, the newest release of Asteria, specially for the new round of Collabor88. Available in different colours with an option to change different parts of the outfit. The hair is made by No.Match, called No.Ice. Included is an optional crown to wear. You can find this hair at theContinue reading “I will wait….”

No more loveletters….

A beautiful and lovely bento pose, this pose called “Love me or hate me”. One of the newest releases of PosEd, available in the mainstore. The hobbit mailbox is from Serenity Style and is the free prize for the Enchantment hunt.   Pose: Love me or hate me – PosEd @ mainstore Mailbox: hobbit mailboxContinue reading “No more loveletters….”

FashionNatic & No.Match

Such a cute and lovely skirt with special details made by FashionNatic. You can complete this skirt with a lovely top with also some special details. The hair is the newest release from No.Match for the new round of the Enchantment event.   Skirt: Eden – FashionNatic mainstore Top: Mila – FashionNatic @ Cosmopolitan Hair:Continue reading “FashionNatic & No.Match”


Ultra event will open the doors again with an amazing new round of the newest creations. Todays I show you a beautiful short dress with harness from Mocking Bird Lane. This dress comes with a colorhud of different colors/textures and also the harness. Under this dress some beautiful high heels from Essenz, called Belém. ForContinue reading “Wonderland”