Never too old for dolls

A great new gacha, this new set from Serenity Style for the new round of Salem event. There are 8 commons and 1 rare, but they are all really so cute and great for decoration. The new round of Salem will start the 28th of September.


Eizen primitive Halloween Dolls – Serenity Style @ Salem




Serenity Style

One of my favorite shops Serenity Style is participating in 2 events with really lovely releases. For The Liaison Collaborative, she created the “Magic Books”, as part of the theme Believe in Magic. For the Vanity event you will see some cute and adorable Lotta dolls as gacha.


Magic Books – Serenity Style @ TLC

Lotta Doll Gacha – Serenity Style @ Vanity



Serenity Syle

Serenity Style is participating in a lot of events with her adorable and lovely (gacha)  items.

For this round of Shiny Shabby she created the “Atelier Couture” collection. On this pic the mannequin, the table, the stool, the panel tools, the closed boxes, the open tissue box and the scetches on the table.


For the new coming round of Crossroads (starting the 3rd of May), Serenity created the “Emma antique doll” collection. Lovely dolls in a box (open or closed) and without a box. Available in different colors.


Atelier Couture – Serenity Style @ Shiny Shabby

Emma antique dolls – Serenity Style @ Crossroads