Summerfun with my furry friend

LW Poses created some beautiful new sets of poses for us. This “water dog” set is a set of 3 single bento poses with mirrored ones, incl. the dog and the surfboard. This awesome set is available at the TLC event.

Pose with surfboard and dog: Water dog – LW Poses @ TLC

"Summerfun with my furry friend...."

My bedroom

For the new round of the Cosmopolitan event, Serenity Style created this beautiful bedroom set for us incl. poses in PG and adult version. This bed is incl. the nightstands, the lamp and the deco (small book with glasses).

The new round of the Cosmopolitan event starts the 10th of January.

Clarisse bedroom: Serenity Style @ Cosmopolitan

Other items in the pic:

Apple Fall:

  • mercantile bookshelfs
  • books in the bookshelfs
  • globe with books
  • ornamental elephant bronze


  • Old typewriter

Dust Bunny:

  • Basket with pillows
  • Animal stool elephant
  • Ivy hanging plant

Whats Next:

  • Slippers
  • Curtains


  • Vase with branches
  • Small vases with lights
  • Penzance bird of paradise plant
  • Bowl with pinecones
  • Basket with books


  • Beagle puppy

"The bedroom...."

Friends for life….

For the Anthem event, Stealthic created this beautiful hair for us women. Elation is a short, airy bob with wispy bangs. It comes in 4 variations that push the sides behind and up!

My flurry beagle friend, who’s always with me, is an awesome release from Rezzroom. This animated puppy comes with a lot of (static) animations.

The pose is one of a set from LW Poses, called Solitude.

Hair: Elation – Stealthic @ Anthem

Puppy: Beagle – Rezzroom

Pose: Solitude – LW Poses

"Friends for life...."

Cookies and me-time

Cookies and me-time, the title of this really lovely pose from LW Poses for the new round of the Liaison Collaborative event. This pose (incl. a mirror version) comes with the cookies.

The hair is another beautiful release from one of my favorites stores Stealthic.

My little furry friend the beagle is always my companion on my walks around SL and can be found at Rezz Room.

Pose/prop: Cookies and me-time – LW Poses @ The Liaison Collaborative

Hair: Always – Stealthic

Beagle puppy: Rezz Room

"Cookies and me-time...."

Beachday with my furry friend

For this round of the Cosmoplitan event, |T|L|C| made this beautiful dog for us. this Fox Terrier companion dog comes with a hud of 6 different colours. Also included in the set, but not in the pic, is a dogbed. The dog will find his dogbed in a range of 5 meter.

Fox terrier companion – |T|L|C| @ Cosmopolitan

Coffee outside

A beautiful new release from Chez Moi for this round of the Cosmopolitan event, the Quebec patio set. This set comes with 2 chairs and the table with blanket, gloves, coffee/tea set and lantern.

The hair with hat is the newest creation from No.Match, called No_Hit, for the new round of the TLC event (starting the 18th of January).

The bloodhound is available at the Epiphany event, created by Hextraordinary.

Patio set: Quebec – Chez moi @ Cosmopolitan

Hair with cap: No_Hit – No.Match @ TLC

Bloodhound buddy: Hextraordinary @ Epiphany

End of the world

“End of the world”, one of the titles of the new set from LW Poses for the TLC event. A set of beautiful props/poses and when you buy the fatpack, you will also receive the backpack. This pose is including the dog.

Pose: End of the world – LW Poses @ TLC