Last summer

For the new round of the Sense event, KiB created this beautiful bikini with skirt for us women. This bikini with skirt is available in 15 ! different colours/textures.

The hair is a release from 1 of my favorite hairshops, Stealthic.

The pose is 1 of a set of single bento poses from Diversion, called summer stories.

Bikini with skirt: Idalia – KiB @ Sense

Hair: Metropolis – Stealthic

Pose: summer stories – Diversion

"Last summer....."


Today I visited the sim Paradise Falls again. I really love that sim, it’s giving me the perfect holiday feeling. So much to see there and great for making beautiful pics.

Today I saw a blogpost from Karen Hitchinson, where she was wearing this beautiful bikini from Just Because. I really needed that bikini, so grabbed the taxi to Fameshed.

The hair is a new release from Rama Salon. Beautiful halve long hair with bob, that can be bought at The Fifty event.

The great and relaxing summer pose is from one of my favorite posestores, Diversion. this set comes in different poses incl. mirrored ones. A great set to make beautiful summer memories.

Bikini: Lilo – Just Because @ Fameshed

Hair: Marlyn – Rama Salon @ The Fifty

Pose: Sunshine – Diversion


There’s no better place than home with a glass of wine

Today I show you releases of 3 of my sponsors. I have become the new blogger for Tres Blah, a shop with really beautiful clothes. The dress I am wearing today, Elyse, is one of them. A cute short summerdress in different textures/colours.

The hair is the newest creation of Stealthic for the Anthem event, called Linger. A halve long curled hair with an optional bobby pin to tuck it behind the ear.

The pose with the glass of wine is a pose from 1 of my favorite poseshops Diversion and available in the mainstore.

Dress: Elyse – Tres Blah

Hair: Linger – Stealthic @ Anthem

Pose with wine: Wine o’clock – Diversion

"There's no better place than home with a glass of wine...."

On my own…..

Today I show you items of 3 of my favorite creators on SL. The beautiful textured and special detailed top is from Tres Blah, called Alix.

The hair is one of the releases from Stealthic, called Intrepid. Available in the mainstore in different colours.

The pose is from Diversion, called Goodbye autumn, but can be used in so many “season” pics.

Top: Alix – Tres Blah

Hair: Intrepid – Stealthic

Pose: Goodbye autumn – Diversion

"When you have faith in  yourself, you don't need others to believe in you..."

Stealthic & Diversion

Today I show you another beautiful release from Stealthic, this awesome hair called Clarity. Long halve curled hair with a stylinghud. In the mainstore you will also find a set of bangs, so another way to change your style.

The pose with coffee is from Diversion and available in the mainstore.

Hair: Clarity – Stealthic

Pose with coffee: Coffee to go – Diversion

"My own thoughts...."

Hot summer…..

Summer is here in Holland and we have some really lovely summerweeks here. A cooling down is great, also in SL. Mina Hair created this interactive hair for us. It reacts to water and can also be used with a hud. This really awesome hair can be found at the next round of Uber.

The pose is one of my favorite poseshops, Diversion. You could buy this set at an event last month, but can be bought at the mainstore now.

Interactive hair: Rachel – Mina Hair @ Uber

Pose: Poolside – Diversion

"Hot summer....."

Summer break

For the Dubai event, Diversion Poses created 2 really beautiful friends bento poses for us. One of them is this beautiful one called “summer break”.

Summer break – Diversion @ Dubai

Skater girl

At the running event of the Access event, you will find a great seat of poses with skateboard. This set from Diversion comes with 8 single bentoposes.

The unisex rigged hair with hairpiece is one of the newest releases from No.Match for the Jail event.

Pose with skateboard – Board Slide – Diversion @ Acces

Hair: No_Saint – No.Match @ Jail event


Sascha’s Designs & No.Match & Diversion

For the Sense event, Sascha’s Designs created this lovely outfit. A leather jacket with bra and shorts in different colours.

The hair is one of the newest releases from No.Match called No Sunray for the new Inithium event.

The pose is one of a beautiful new set from Diversion called “Look away” and is available at Access event.

Outfit: Anthea – Sascha’s Designs @ Sense

Hair: No Sunray – No.Match @ Inithium

Pose: Look away – Diversion @ Access