Chez Moi & Serenity Style @ Ultra

2 amazing new releases from 2 of my favorite creators, you can find at the running round of Ultra.

Chez Moi created this really cute and small beach hut with a colorhud.

Serenity Style made these Shiva tents in 2 different styles.

Both items are great to decorate your beach/land.


Beach hut – Chez Moi @ Ultra

Shiva tents – Serenity Style @ Ultra





|T|L|C| @ Cosmopolitan

If you love to have animals on your land, beach of sim, you must visit this round of Cosmopolitan. |T|L|C| created this awesome sealion group, complete with small raft en rocks and a pelican statue. The sealions are animated with sound


Animals: sealions group + pelican – |T|L|C| @ Cosmopolitan



Chez Moi @ Cosmopolitan

Exclusive to the Anniversary Round Cosmopolitan Event, Chez Moi created this awesome patio set called HVar. A great set of wicker furniture, a couch and hockers with pillows (comes with colorhud), a sunscreen, a table with menu hud with different options and several decoration for on the table.

The couch comes with 84 animations in PG version and 128 animations in Adult version and there is room for 1 – 4 people. 48 single poses (6 male and 6 female), 36 animations for love couples and 44 sex poses.


Furniture: HVar patio set – Chez Moi @ Cosmopolitan


Blog2302ChezMoiHVAR PATIO SET Cosmo

Chez Moi @ Très Chic

For the running round of Très Chic, Chez Moi created this really awesome barbecue shed for us. This set comes with the potted plants and has a menu/hud for the fire, food and a great menu for single and couple poses/animations. This shed comes with 65 animations in PG version and 129 animations in Adult version


Furniture: barbecue shed – Chez Moi @ Très Chic



GOOSE @ Cosmopolitan

The newest release from GOOSE, this “snuggle up mattress”, for this round of Cosmopolitan. The mattress comes with single poses and new bento couple poses/animations. Great for decorating your garden en spend time with your lover. In Adult and PG version.


Furniture: Snuggle up mattress – GOOSE @ Cosmopolitan


Blog2282GooseSnuggle up mattressCosmo

Chez Moi @ Cosmopolitan

I am totally in love with this new patio set, Chez Moi created for the new round of Cosmopolitan. This set comes with the sofa (PG and adult version), chair, table and plant. Also included a hud for changing the colors/textures of the pillows.

The new round of Cosmopolitan starts the 9th of April.


Furniture: Emma Wicker Patio Set – Chez Moi @ Cosmopolitan


Blog2245ChezMoiEmma Wicker Patio Set Cosmo

Chez Moi @ Cosmopolitan

Tomorrow a new round of the event Cosmopolitan will start and one of the participants in this great event is Chez Moi. For this event she created a really awesome bathroom called “Des Salles”. This bathroomset comes with the bath and the shower with accessory’s and has 60 animations in PG version and 94 animations in Adult version.


Furniture: Des Salles bathroom – Chez Moi @ Cosmopolitan


Blog2218ChezMoiCosmoDes Salles