Serenity Style & |T|L|C| @ Bloom

For the event Bloom, that starts today, 2 of my favorite creators made some awesome releases. Serenity Style made this Gardener Corner gacha with lovely items to decorate your land/sim. |T|L|C| has created some beautiful colored birds with sound on/off.


Furniture: Gardener Corner Gacha – Serenity Style @ Bloom

Feathered Squatters – |T|L|C| @ Bloom


Blog2621SerenityGardener CornerTLCbirds

Serenity Style

2 Awesome new releases from Serenity Style for 2 different events. So many beautiful items to decorate your home/land.

The filled cabinet and the stool with plant are for the new round of Unik.

The bookshelf, counter, metalic boxes, fishing basket, cushions and mannequin are parts of the new gacha, available at The Liaison Collaborative.



Jacob Set – Serenity @ Unik

Vintage Treasures keys – Serenity @ TLC




A day at the lake…..

I am totally in love with the scenery’s with animals of |T|L|C|. This is the newest release available at the running round of Cosmopolitan event. Day at the lake, a great item with a deck, dogs and all accessory’s you see on this pic.


A day at the lake: |T|L|C| @ Cosmopolitan