Here comes the sun…..

Today I show you a lovely scene to decorate your home. Full of beautiful items from different creators. The Jeany vintage daybed is the newest release from Serenity Style for this round of the Uber event. A vintage and lovely style to fitt perfect in your home. Jeany vintage daybed – Serenity Style @ UberContinue reading “Here comes the sun…..”


This Hora bedroom set is the newest release from GOOSE, until today available at the Cosmopolitan event. After the event it will be available at the mainstore. The recordplayer is the RARE of a gacha from Serenity Style at TLC.   Bedroom set: Hora – GOOSE @ Cosmopolitan   (mainstore) Record player: Sady Vintage VinylContinue reading “Bedroom”

Breakfast in love…..

A really beautiful and romantic set,this new release from Serenity Style. You can find this set at the new round of Uber and comes with the roomdivider, table, chair, vase with roses, breakfast and 2 small giftboxes.   Furniture: Breakfast in love – Serenity Style @ Uber  

Adore King bed set

A beautiful new release from Chez Moi, this “Adore King bed set”, available at the Cosmopolitan event. The bed comes with a colorhud for the sheets/blankets/pillows . The vase, decor and frame can be sold with the set or separate.   Furniture: Adore King bed set – Chez Moi @ Cosmopolitan  

Never too old for dolls

A great new gacha, this new set from Serenity Style for the new round of Salem event. There are 8 commons and 1 rare, but they are all really so cute and great for decoration. The new round of Salem will start the 28th of September.   Eizen primitive Halloween Dolls – Serenity Style @Continue reading “Never too old for dolls”

[ Kunst ]@ The Arcade

An amazing new gacha from [ Kunst ], this set called Le Barreau, specially made for the new round of The Arcade. A bar (RARE), tables and chairs, barchairs, cognac bottles and glasses and so much more to decorate your sim/land or make your own bar.   Le Barreau – [ Kunst ] @ TheContinue reading “[ Kunst ]@ The Arcade”