Spring and Easter time

Easter is coming, time to decorate your land with all kinds of coloured bunny’s, furniture and eggs. A lovely time to spend with your friends and lover. Serenity Style created some really beautiful Easter items for us, as you can see in the pic below. Spring Colours Breakfast set – Serenity Style @ Deco(c)rate SpringContinue reading “Spring and Easter time”

Creepy night

For the Deco(c)rate event, Serenity Style created this creepy set for us. A wal with iron doors and some tombestones to make the perfect dark nights. The bench with streetlight and cat skeleton are from Chez Moi for the Salem event. Byron Cemetery – Serenity Style for Deco(c)rate Witchling Park set – Chez Moi @Continue reading “Creepy night”

Beach Shop

For the summeredition of Madpea Deco(c)rate edition, Serenity Style created this really awesome beachset for us. The cabin, the box with beachballs, the liferings, the sign and the umbrella’s are part of this set. The chair, table, clothingrack and frame are from an older release.   Beach Shop set: Serenity Style for Madpea  

Serenity Style – Deco(c)rate

A lovely new release from Serenity Style, this “Raven dream in the porch”, specially made for the new round of Deco(c)rate. A lovely bench with poses, the flying leaves and the metal box. Great to decorate your (fall) garden.   Furniture: Raven dream in the porch – Serenity Style for Deco(c)rate  

Serenity Style

2 Awesome new releases from Serenity Style, specially for decorating your beach. For the new round of Deco(c)rate, Serenity released these awesome beach huts in 3 colors. For the upcoming event The Liaison Collaborative, some really beautiful furniture, also for the beach. A baywatch tower, beachbed and lamps. Both releases are great to decorate yourContinue reading “Serenity Style”