Honey Comfort Couch set

For the new round of the Cosmopolitan event, Soul2Soul created this awesome new set for us. A comfy couch with cuddles and single bento animations and 2 vases with dry flowers. A great set to decorate your home/house.

The wooden table, books, tulips and basket with dry flowers are from other releases from this store.

Honey comfort couch set: Soul2Soul @ Cosmopolitan

Soul2Soul mainstore

"Honey comfort couch set....."

Soul2Soul & DJ.SF

Soul2Soul created a really awesome homeset for us, so beautiful to decorate your home with. A very romantic set for your livingroom and you can change the colours of the cushions and the blanket on the couch

Honey naturals set – Soul2Soul

Honey Naturals Sofa – Fatpack
Honey Naturals Flower Teapot
Honey Naturals Coffee Table
Honey Naturals Books Clutter
Honey Naturals Rug
Honey Naturals Table Lamp
Honey Naturals Side Table
Honey Naturals Flower Basket

The vintage chair is from DJ.SF and available in different wood colours. There’s also a colouor to change the cushion and the blanket on the chair.

Chair: vintage chair – DJ.SF

Rest of the items are from Apple Fall, Dust Bunny and Rezzroom

"Sunny livingroom....."

Soul2Soul & Kopfkino

For the new round of the Shiny Shabby event, Soul2Soul created a really beautiful set for us. This set is a bit vintage and fitts perfect in your home. Chests of drawers, the old bicycle, books, candles, ginger jar, the rope lights and 3 plants.

The sofa is a great item from Kopfkino. Not in this set, but the sofa comes incl. an ottoman. Available in different colours.

Other items are from Bazar, We’re Closed, Concept, Rezzroom,Serenity Style and Dust Bunny.

Cambrigde collection: Soul2Soul @ Shiny Shabby

Sofa/couch: Blum sofa set – Kopfkino

"Vintage livingroom...."


A really beautiful new release from Shutter Field, this set called Woodland.

The Sofa comes in PG and Adult for both MF and MM with 2 adult menus in each offering a range of quality nawty animations. The MM PG version includes threesome cuddles, the MM adult version includes threesome cuddles and sex. There’s also a colourhud to change the cushions and blanket.

Also in the set the planter, the campfire and the cake & coffee tray.

Woodlandset – Shutter Field


Quality time at home…

There’s no better place than at home with the silence and a good glass of wine. Kopfkino created this beautiful set for us in different colours. This set contains the sofa, the ottoman, the plate with wine and the lamp.

A beautiful set to decorate your home to spend a lovely time alone, with friends or with your partner.

Blum sofa set – Kopfkino

Summer is coming….

The summer is on its way, so time to decorate my land for all the sunny and warm days to spend outsite.

This will be perfect with the sweet wave dock from Serenity Style, that can be bought at the Unik event. Sitting and drinking on the new release from Chez Moi, the Hanttula wicker couch. This couch is available at the Cosmopolitan event and the wood and pillows can be changed with a colourhud.


Sweet Wave Dock – Serenity Style @ Unik

Hanttula wicker couch – Chez Moi @ Cosmopolitan




A great new set from Goose, this livingroom available at this round of the Cosmopolitan event. The set has the sofa, chair, roomdivider, table, wall art and plants. The pillows and domino game are for K&S and can be found at the new round of Epiphany.


Crupet livingroom set: GOOSE @ Cosmopolitan



Chez Moi @ Cosmopolitan

A great new release from Chez Moi, this Havanna wicker couch for your land/beach, available at this round of the Cosmopolitan event. The couch comes with 2 different colours for the wood and 10 different colours for the cushions.


Furniture: Havanna wicker couch – Chez Moi @ Cosmopolitan