Beachwalk cottage

An really awesome new release from DaD, this beachwalk cottage set. A complete set with the stairs, pier and cottage for a beautiful decoration on your land/sim and perfect for relaxing and having fun with friends.

After the event it will be available at the mainstore, where you can find a lot more beautiful items.

Beachwalk cottage set: DaD @ Fameshed

"Beachwalk cottage...."

Potter’s Cottage

After a little break HISA is back with a really beautiful new release. This potter’s cottage/garden guesthouse with recycled windows is created for the new round of the Uber Hometowns event. The vines and lightgreen bushes are also from HISA and available at the same event. So you have a great house, vines and bushes to landscape your land in beautiful way.

The swing is one of the newest creations of Serenity Style, called Eleonora swing bench.

Potter’s cottage & Vines & bushes – HISA @ Uber Hometown event

Eleonora swing bench – Serenity Style

Wanderlust cottage

Today the great Tannenbaum event opened for a new round full of awesome items. One of the participants for this event is HISA with this really lovely and beautiful cottage. There’s also a non-snow version, so you can choose for the season.

Wanderlust cottage: HISA @ Tannenbaum