Chez Moi @ Cosmopolitan

The farmhouse daybed, the newest release from Chez Moi. This daybed is specially made for the new round of Cosmopolitan and comes in a PG and adult version. In this bed 80 animations in PG version and 140 animations in Adult version. Also including a hud for changing the colors of the pillows.   FarmhouseContinue reading “Chez Moi @ Cosmopolitan”

Chez Moi @ Cosmopolitan

Exclusively for the coming round of Cosmopolitan, that will start the 25th of september, Chez Moi created this really cool Rock Hot tub with a lot of single and couple animations. There is place for 1 – 4 people and automatic rezzing props.   Furniture: Rock Hot Tub – Chez Moi @ Cosmopolitan  

GOOSE @ Cosmopolitan

Summer is almost ended and the colors of autumn find their way on FB and Flickr too. For the upcoming round of Cosmopolitan, GOOSe created this really lovely rocking chairs (with color/texture menu for the pillows) and the letter pumpkins,   Furniture: Rocking chair and pumpkins – GOOSE @ Cosmopolitan  

Chez moi @ Cosmopolitan

For the upcoming new round of Cosmopolitan, Chez Moi created this really awesome outdoor dinertable with accessory’s. This set comes with the table (PG and Adult version), the canopy, chair, armchair, placemats with menu and cake. You can change the color of the pillows on the chairs and the huge amount of animations comes withContinue reading “Chez moi @ Cosmopolitan”

SAM Poses

For the running round of The Avenue, SAM poses made some really beautiful single and couples poses. One of them is this one called “Flowergirl”. This pose comes incl. the flowers. Note: this is a couple pose for example with a child, but I made it as a single pose. The hair is No.Expression fromContinue reading “SAM Poses”

No.Match & Blushes Boutique

For this round of Cosmopolitan. No.Match created this unisex hair called No.Expression. Blushes Boutique has a beautiful new release, this eyeshadow (and eyeliner) intense in different colors. Only for the Catwa mesh heads.   Hair: No.Expression – No.Match @ Cosmopolitan Eyeshadow intense: Blushes Boutique