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Chez Moi @ Ultra

A really beautiful garden set, one of the newest releases from Chez Moi. This set called Fireplace & Chair Set Chaud is available at the Ultra event.

The armchair and armchair with footstool come with 40 animations in PG version and 74 animations in Adult version. There are also 20 single poses for women/men. When you touch the chair of the pillow, a color menu comes up to change into your favorite colors.


Furniture: Fireplace & Chair Set Chaud – Chez Moi @ Ultra


Blog2179ChezMoiFireplace & Chair Set Chaud Ultra


Chez Moi @ Gacha Garden

At the 1st of November the new round of Gacha Garden will open the doors again. For this event Chez Moi created this awesome gacha “Comfort & Joy” for us. This set has 2 rares, the fireplace and the couch and a lot of other lovely common furniture to decorate your land.

Comfort & Joy  Gacha – Chez Moi @ Gacha Garden


Blog2159ChezMoiGacha Comfort&Joy


Camping with Chez Moi

For the new round of Shiny Shabby (starting the 20th of October), Chez Moi created this camping set Bon Echo. This camping tent comes with 64 animations in PG version and 114 animations in Adult version. From friends animations till cuddling, sleeping, playing. Also included are the plaid (with colorhud) and the fire with kettle.


Furniture: Bon Echo Camping set – Chez Moi @ Shiny Shabby