Today I show you 2 items of creators for the 60LS happy weekend.

DaD Design has these Wood painted armchairs for us in 3 different colours: brown, pink and blue. Lovely chairs for your land/sim.

The vase with branches, bunnies and eggs is from Kopfkino and can be bought in 4 different colours. A very lovely item to decorate your home in Easter mood.

Wood painted armchair: DaD Design

Easter vase: Kopfkino


Soul2Soul & DJ.SF

Soul2Soul created a really awesome homeset for us, so beautiful to decorate your home with. A very romantic set for your livingroom and you can change the colours of the cushions and the blanket on the couch

Honey naturals set – Soul2Soul

Honey Naturals Sofa – Fatpack
Honey Naturals Flower Teapot
Honey Naturals Coffee Table
Honey Naturals Books Clutter
Honey Naturals Rug
Honey Naturals Table Lamp
Honey Naturals Side Table
Honey Naturals Flower Basket

The vintage chair is from DJ.SF and available in different wood colours. There’s also a colouor to change the cushion and the blanket on the chair.

Chair: vintage chair – DJ.SF

Rest of the items are from Apple Fall, Dust Bunny and Rezzroom

"Sunny livingroom....."


I am totally in love with all the decoration stuff from Kopfkino. Beautiful items to decorate your land/sim/home and make it cosy.

What about this awesome set for your home? A chair with cardigan and little basket with flowers and books, suitcase with books and boots…really great items to decorate. And not only deco, the little basket with flowers and the books are also in the folder for wearing. Great for making pics !

Carefree: Kopfkino

"Beautiful deco....."

Message sent….

A really lovely new release from Chez Moi for this round of the Equal10 event, this leaf hanging chair in PG and adult version. A great piece of furniture for your home to enjoy alone or with your lover. A lot of single and couple poses and animations in this chair and also a colourhud to change the wicker and the pillows in the colours you like.

Leaf hanging chair: Chez Moi @ Equal10

"Message sent....."

Rustic chic diner collection

A really awesome new release from Soul2Soul, this rustic chic diner collection. A great set to decorate your home and have diner with your friends and loved ones. A set with a lot of beautiful items that can be used for every occassion.

Rustic chic dinder collection:

Rustic Chic Dining Table in 2 different versions

Rustic Chic Dining chair in 2 diffrent versions

Jag twigs large and small

Book pile

Bowl with pinecones

Basket with magazines

Jar twinkle large and small


Rustic Chic Diner collection: Soul2Soul @ TLC

"Rustic chic diner...."

Movie evening

Shutterfield created a really lovely new set for us to decorate your sim/land for a great movie evening/night. The set incl. the sofa and chair and a movie screen. You can colour the wood and the cushions of the chair and sofa.

Zach set: Shutter Field

"Time for a movie..."

Cosy @ home

A really lovely new release from Serenity Style, these chairs with table and accessory’s for the Cosmopolitan event. A nice furniture set for decorating your land/home.

Louisa nature set: Serenity Style @ Cosmopolitan

"Cosy @ home...."

Chez Moi @ Shiny Shabby

A beautiful new release from Chez Moi for the new round of the Shiny Shabby event. This hanging chair incl. a huge number of single and couple poses/animations and the plants around it can be changed with a colourhud. A great item for your porche, land or sim.

Moonrise hanging chair: Chez Moi @ Shiny Shabby

"Sometimes we can only find our true direction when we let the wind of change carry us...."

Summer wicker set

A beautiful new release in the mainstore of Shutter Field, this summer wicker set in white. This romantic chair and table is a lovely set to decorate your sim/land and spend time with your friends.

Summer Wicker set – Shutter Field

"A place to relax...."


Beaching, the title of the newest set of props/poses from LW Poses for the Cosmopolitan event. This set comes incl. the beachchair with towel and also included a colourhud to change the fabric of the chair and the towel.

Prop/pose: Beachning – LW Poses @ Cosmopolitan