Friends by heart

A great new friendspose, this bento pose incl. the bence, made by PosEd. Also in the set are ground leaves. You can find this couple pose and more at the Autumn Pose Fair. The cabin with chairs, bed and heater is called the Glamper set from Chez Moi, released for this round of Cosmopolitan. TheContinue reading “Friends by heart”

Chez Moi & Serenity Style

It’s always fun to decorate your sim/land with new furniture. Well, here are some really great items. Chez Moi created this great treehouse and the campfire wood benches for you. A lot of single and couple poses in the treehouse. The campfire wood benches is the new release for the Très Chic event. The firepitContinue reading “Chez Moi & Serenity Style”

Ultra – part 1

Ultra opened the doors again with really awesome new releases from creators all over the grid. These coming days I will show you a lot of the items you will find at this great event.   Around the world caravan – Serenity Style Lark set – Mudhoney Softdrink can tray – No59   Taxi toContinue reading “Ultra – part 1”

Chez Moi @ Whimsical & Limit 8

The first time Chez Moi participate in this event, but right away with an amazing caravan set. This set is including the caravan, bed, flowers and a lot more accessory’s. The messy bed comes with 96 animations in PG version and 160 animations in Adult version. The bed and also the caravan has a hudContinue reading “Chez Moi @ Whimsical & Limit 8”

Camping with Chez Moi

For the new round of Shiny Shabby (starting the 20th of October), Chez Moi created this camping set Bon Echo. This camping tent comes with 64 animations in PG version and 114 animations in Adult version. From friends animations till cuddling, sleeping, playing. Also included are the plaid (with colorhud) and the fire with kettle.Continue reading “Camping with Chez Moi”