Meadow, the name of the beautiful bracelets, one of the newest releases from [ Kunst }. You will find this bracelets with colourhud at the running round of the Fameshed event.

Bracelets: Meadow – [ Kunst ] @ Fameshed

"When the mind wanders...."

[ Kunst ] @ Access

A beautiful new release from [ Kunst ], these necklace and bracelets for the Access event. The jelwery comes with a colourhud to change all parts of the items.

Necklace and bracelets: Gabriella – [ Kunst ] @ Access

[ Kunst ] & Emozione

A really awesome new release from [ Kunst ] for the new round of the Anthem event, these Adrian bracelets. These bracelets for men and women comes with a colourhud to change all parts of the bracelet.

The couple pose is one of the beautiful poses my dear friend Niani made. Sadly she passed away almost 1 year ago, but I love to use her beautiful poses.

Bracelets: Adrian – [ Kunst ] @ Anthem

Couple pose: Touched Soul – Emozione

-XTC- & [ Kunst ] & No.Match

For the great Gala Christmas Fair, that will open in 2 days, -XTC- created this lovely outfit for us. A sexy top with knot and a short skirt, available in different colours.

For the Anthem event [ Kunst ] made these beautiful bracelets for us. You can change all parts of the bracelets with a colourhud.

The hair is one of the new releases from No.match, called No_Crazy and can be bought at the TLC event.

Outfit: Narissa – -XTC- @ Gala Christmas Fair

Bracelets: Izara – [ Kunst ] @ Anthem

Hair: No_Crazy – No.Match @ TLC


A beautiful release, this short and special detailed dress from Giz Seorn. With a colourhud to change the different parts of the dress.

The bracelets are the newest release from [ Kunst ] for the Anthem event. 3 different bracelets in different colours.


dress: Jasmine – Giz Seorn

Bracelets: Sascha – [ Kunst ] @ Anthem