Flourish sales studio – part 2 & |T|L|C|

The second pic I show you from one of the great creators for the Flourish sales studio is Serenity Style with this awesome Seaside Cart. This item is great for decorating  your sim/land (incl. the slippers and coolbox).

The stilts (incl. the treetrunk and green plants) are from 1 of my favorite animal creators |T|L|C|. You will find these stilts at the current round of Cosmopolitan.


Seaside Cart – Serenity Style @ Flourish

Stilts – |T|L|C| @ Cosmopolitan



Chez Moi &|T|L|C|

Another great creator you will find at this round of Ultra. Chez Moi created this awesome snowy rowboat with a lot of single and couple poses/animations. This boat comes in a PG and Adult version.

Soon the event Tannenbaum opens the doors again. |T|L|C| made 2 lovely new winterreleases for us, The Birdfeeders and Feeder Meow’s Diner. Beautiful items with birds, to decorate your sim/land.


Snowy rowboat – Chez Moi @ Ultra

Birds – |T|L|C| @ Tannenbaum